Source: cosmosmagazine

For 10 years, between my early teens and early twenties, I didn’t read a single piece of science fiction. I enjoyed reading, voraciously so, and despite my interest in science, I looked down upon the world of science fiction.

During these years, there was not a single sci-fi recommendation from my friends, and not once did it appear on my list of compulsory texts for English during high school. (Though, somehow, the 1995 blockbuster Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone did).

It’s not as though I’d never read science fiction. I first discovered it during that strange period many must experience, when children’s books are too childish but young adult books too adult.

But after only a few entertaining years, I moved on.

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My first experience with science fiction was Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine (in digest format) and of course, movies, like Day of The Triffids, which I hardly remember. I just remember it scared the bejeezuz out of me, because I was too young to be watching it. What was your first experience with science fiction? Which book did you read? How did it effect your appreciation for the genre? Do you think as you got older you appreciated the genre more?