3 Star rating
Sugar and Spice, Book #1
By Seressia Glass
ISBN#  9780425275092
Author’s Website:  www.seressia.com   

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Temptation comes in many flavors…

Nadia Spiceland works in the business of temptation. The confections she crafts at the Sugar and Spice Bakery and Café lure in the locals. But one customer is interested in more than just her delectable sticky buns…

Kane Sullivan teaches human sexuality at the nearby college, where coeds are clamoring for seats in his lectures. Nadia is reluctant to his advances, yet she also has needs. Who better to fulfill them than the man who’s referred to as “Dr. Sex” by his female students?

Soon Kane creates a hunger in Nadia that nothing can satiate. It weakens her, and that’s something she cannot risk. Not again. But Kane’s masterful touch might just be powerful enough to melt her heart—and free her to trust again…


This is a romance for mature readers. It is “mommy porn”. The sex is graphic, the language is coarse, and the story sometimes gets lost in it all.

Nadia is a successful business owner with a troubling past. As a result of her past she is leery of any relationship, however when she consoles Kane at her bakery one morning the chemistry begins. She fights the relationship; however Kane is an expert in the field of sexuality and wins her over. After all it is so long since Nadia has had her needs met and Kane certainly is the one who can meet them all. She is excited and delighted with all he has to offer her sexually, but will her past come back and spoil it all? Also, was her mistrust in him justified?

Kane is a professor at a prestigious university and is looking for a tenure position. His field brings lots of unwanted and untrue press. He makes sure that he has stringent rules between his students and himself. But is this enough to ward off the job hunting faculty staff? What will they do to eliminate him from the position? When he meets Nadia he sees her as a successful business person who is compassionate, caring and needing to be loved fully. With his expertise he knows he can fulfil all her dreams and desires sexually.

The two embark on a sexual fantasy which includes some bondage and control. All seems well until “love” gets in the way. Will it jeopardize the relationship? Slowly they learn to trust each other and to “love” each other without the sex.

The story flowed and I felt the characters were strong enough to keep me interested. Fortunately, Nadia has some great friends from her rehab past who have been there for each other through good times and bad, and, their side stories play down some of the steam of the relationship between Kane and Nadia.  I found I was more interested in the side stories and was sorry that they weren’t developed more.

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