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Chapter Nine: A Problem of Werewolf Proportions

Mrs. Loontwill went in to hysterics when she saw Alexia and the Woolsey Castle Alpha together. She kept on insisting that they must marry. Alexia obviously embarrassed did not want him to feel pressured in to marriage. When Alexia refused to marry the lord, her mother slapped her. This put Lord Maccon on edge, he heeded a warning towards Mrs. Loontwill. After Alexia broke up the tension Maccon realised that he in fact did want to marry Mrs. Loontwill’s eldest daughter and when he made that fact known, Alexia’s heart immediately sank, she believes he is just trying to do right by her. She dismisses herself from the room, Maccon is about to follow her example, but before he leaves he makes it very clear that her family is not to talk about what just happened.

The night of the full moon Alexia went over to Lord Akeldama’s house. They gossiped like normal, but out of no where a man burst in to the room. A few things were said in Latin and then the familiar wax faced man appeared.

“Hush up now. Let me handle this.” – Lord Maccon

“You must make him marry her! Call for the parson immediately! Look at them…they are….canoodling!” Mrs. Loontwill

“Alexia, sugarplumiest of the plums, what a lovely way to spend the full moon, in your ambrosial company. Who could possibly wish for anything else in life?” – Lord Akeldama

Why do you think Alexia’s Mother would insist on the two getting married? She has already said that Alexia should give up because she is so old.

When Maccon does say he wants to marry Alexia, why do you think she freaks out about?

Why would everyone be worried about Alexia going out on the full moon?

What could be the significance of the turpentine smell?

Chapter Ten: For The Good of The Commonwealth

Again when ever the Wax man was around Alexia smelt sweet turpentine. In minutes Lord Akeldama was out cold on the ground. Alexia tried to fight the wax man off but her blows did not seem to phase the odd man. Eventually she passed out from the smell.

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