Written by OBS Staffer Katie

Chapter Eleven: Among The Machines

Alexia had nothing to do in that cold cell but think, although it didn’t take long for someone to come and get her. Before the two men opened the door though, she heard them talking about her. When the door finally opened it was none other than Mr. Macdougall.

He simply could not believe that they would treat a lady the way they have. Unfortunately for Alexia, Mr. Macdougall revealed her full name and that sent the other men in to a frenzy.

When Macdougall found out what she was he seemed a little repulsed until Mr. Siemons explained it better. They decided to try and get Alexia to cooperate and help them out. Of course it would involve her becoming their test subjects. The first test was to neutralize a werewolf on the night of a full moon.

“You have imprisoned a lady?”- Mr. Macdougall

“Brash as an American.” – Alexia

“She seems perfectly normal. One would never be able to tell by simply looking, would one?”

“Please do, Mr. Siemons. Directness is a very admirable quality in kidnappers.” – Alexia


Why do you think Mr. Macdougall is so shocked that they locked up a lady, but then when he finds out Alexia isn’t quite human he is repulsed?

Why would Alexia help them with testing

Chapter Twelve: Nothing But Werewolf

Alexia was locked in a room with a werewolf for an hour. At first she was certain that it was going to kill her. But she was able to get a grip on it and it returned to human form.

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