Soul Scorched

Dark Kings, Book #6

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250071934

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soul-scorched-dark-kings-donna-grantWarrick has watched several of his Dragon King brothers find love, and although he’s happy for them, he has no desire to ever find a mate of his own.

Things are heating up with Ulrik and the Dark.  The Druid that unbound some of Ulrik’s magic has finally been found and Warrick and Thorn are sent to keep an eye on her.  Warrick being one that doesn’t like to interact with people much prefers to watch her from afar, but when she is nearly taken by the Dark he has to step in and make his presence known.

However,  it soon becomes apparent that the Dark aren’t going to give up until they get their hands on Darcy and it’s up to Warrick and Thorn to get her to safety, even if it means trusting an unlikely source to do it!

This was a pretty mediocre read for me.  I found the main characters to be pretty unremarkable.  Darcy was especially boring!  With that said, it was hard to care what happened to them because I just couldn’t get into them or their relationship.  And honestly I thought these two would be burning up the sheets (and other things) with the title Soul Scorched…. But not so much … more disappointment.

And, right when I think Ulrik could be turned to help, he has to go and ruin it for me!  Don’t worry, I still think he has the potential to come around, but it will take a lot of doing or possibly the love of a good woman.  But that would take a lot considering the betrayal that started all of this.  But I have to say his scenes were by far the most interesting in this book.