Son of No One

Dark-Hunter, Book #23

Hellchasers, Book #5

Were-Hunters, Book #8

Lords of Avalon, Book #3

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9781250029911

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Cadegan has lived in the shadow lands of hell for the last thousand years.  Part demon and part demigod, nobody has ever completely trusted him and no one has ever showed him love.  He was sentenced to the shadow lands by his brother, Thorn/Leucious, after killing humans that had attacked him.

Having only known pain and betrayal, he expected the same from Josette, when she showed up in the shadow lands.  He knew that she didn’t belong in hell so he was determined to get her to the portal to take her back to the human realm.  But first, they had an amazing night of passion.  She showed him tenderness and care that he had never experienced before.  He didn’t want her to go, but she didn’t belong in his world.  However, she was unable to go through the portal, which lead to Cadegan making a deal with a shadow king.  A deal that would most likely result in him ending up in his father’s hands, where he will be tortured for eternity.

“He who suffers, triumphs.”

However, Jo’s family has their own connections in Cadegan’s world and they use them to try to bring Jo home!  And, when they finally succeed Jo is insistent on going back for Cadegan!  But can this world handle the powerful demon that resides within Cade?

I wanted to like this book, but a lot of it felt like déjà vu.  It was too similar to some of the other books in the series.  Tortured hero trapped in hell for questionably something he didn’t deserve to be there for.  He’s never experienced love until the angelic female is thrown into his world and she saves him.  It’s all been done before.

I did like Cadegan and Jo … but there is nothing that separates them from other similar characters in the series.

I do feel this book advances the story arch quite a bit with some things we learned.  It gives a glimpse of some horrors to come.  And, we got to see Ash and Styxx working together and on the same side.

Overall, this was an okay read, but it just wasn’t anything we haven’t read before.