Somebody that I used to Know

True Blood, Season 5, Episode 8

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

The guy that Sam found at the hospital that was killing sups is taken to jail.  Sam goes with Andy to observe questioning.  Sam asks for a few minutes alone with him and shifts into a snake.

Back at the hospital Luna is frustrated by not being able to do anything and accidentally shifts into Sam and can’t get back to her normal form.  She goes to the police station and finds Sam.  She thinks she’s going to die.  Sam takes her home and takes care of her and she eventually turns back into herself.

The vampires come back to the authority headquarters after a night of partying and gorging themselves on humans.  Now that they have seen Lilith they take it as a sign that they are on the right path, all of them, but Eric that is.  He excuses himself for the night as the others are planning on feeding on more humans.  Eric tries to talk sense into Nora telling her that Godric was there and was disgusted by it all.  She decides it was because of how Godric had changed before he met the final death and Nora tells Eric that Lilith would gladly stake Godric now if he were still alive.  Eric gets upset and grabs Nora by the throat, but eventually releases her.

Salome invites Bill to her room and has a young mother tied to the bed and wants him to feed from her.  He refuses thinking about his own human children, but he eventually gives in.  The vampires have a meeting where they are trying to decide how to get rid of mainstreaming.  They are talking about killing all the mainstreamers.  Then Bill throws out an idea to destroy all the True Blood plants and force the mainstreamers to feed off humans as they were intended to do.  The others find the idea to be brilliant.

Jason stops Sookie from using all her fairy magic pointing out that her magic could be the one thing that helps them find who killed their parents.  They go back to the fairies to try to find answers.  They end up meeting at the bridge where their parents were killed and use their power to help Sookie see what her mom saw and then she starts seeing what the vampire saw.  Claude is upset that she connected with a vampire insisting the elders will be angry.  Sookie remembers more of what she saw and remembers seeing Claudine calling the vampire by name, Warlow.  Sookie starts seeing Warlow who states he is coming for her.

Alcide has sex with his packmate that is helping him fight to be packmaster.  Then the packmaster competition begins.  The first one to track and kill the selected prey wins, JD has selected their pray, a human boy.  Alcide refuses, but JD insists that he will hunt the boy anyway.  Alcide goes to stop JD and they get in a fight, but since JD is hyped up on V he beats Alcide to a bloody pulp.  Right as he’s about to give the killing blow, some of the pack member led by Martha come to Alcide’s defense and stop JD.  JD tells Alcide to find a new pack.

Jessica is at Fangtasia and gets picked up by a human that turns out to be a member of the hate group that’s killing sups.  He binds her in silver as a gift to Hoyt.  They give Hoyt a gun with wooden bullets with a silver core and shut him in the room alone with Jessica saying the door won’t open until she’s dead.  Hoyt shoots the gun and the only guy still at the house comes in and Jessica kills him.  Jessica can’t leave though because it’s daylight, but Hoyt says he’ll send help.

Hoyt gets lost walking in the woods; a car pulls up and pulls a gun on him.

Arlene and Holly go to Lafayette wanting him to have a séance and for them and to tell Terry that he contacted the lady he killed in Iraq and that she’s lifted the curse.  Lafayette says he’ll do it if the pay him $300.  They get Patrick and Terry to come on the pretense that there is a fire.  The spirit of the woman really does come and she tells Lafayette that she’ll only lift the curse if either Patrick or Terry kills the other.  Patrick takes off running.

Tara is tending bar at Fangtasia and a girl from high school comes in.  They get into it and Pam yells at Tara in front of her.  She later tells Tara they need to talk and takes her in the basement, where we see the girl from high school tied up and gagged.  Pam tells Tara it’s a gift for her and glamour’s the girl to be Tara’s blood slave.  Tara starts to feed on the girl as Pam goes back upstairs.

I have to let my little werewolf whore side come out for a moment.  We FINALLY got to see Alcide naked!!  This season has had a lot less sex than the ones before it did and I can’t believe it took us 8 episodes to finally see our favorite werewolf in the buff.  And what a sight it was….they showed that sweet ass and I just wanted to reach out and grab it!!  Then the whole throwing her on the bed and jumping on top of her growling….that was hot!!

OK I’m back to myself now….I promise.

We are finally making some headway with the find out who killed Sookie’s parents storyline with the name of the vampire.  I have a feeling this vampire is now going to be able to use that connection to find Sookie though.

I honestly wouldn’t have really cared if Hoyt had killed Jessica though; she has been super annoying this season.

And can I just say…I love Pam.  Could you imagine having one of the snooty bitches from high school at your beck and call?  She couldn’t have given Tara a better gift.

This episode was slightly better than they have been lately, but still not as good as the first episode of the season.