By OBS reviewer Heidi

We all know it’s going to happen.  It happens every year.  It’s True Blood afterall.  Somebody is going to die and it will be bloody, as the show title suggests!  So let’s talk deaths.  Who do you think is most deserving to die?


Bill:  I’m sorry, but I have NEVER liked Bill.  I didn’t like him in the books… not even in the beginning when it seemed that he only wanted in Sookie’s pants, but most readers liked him.  I could never figure out why.  He did get better in the later books and he is more likeable in the show.  But I never cared for a romance with him and hope to never see he and Sookie rekindle things!

The Bill situation has been brewing for some time. Long before he took his first sip of Lilith’s blood and turned into an almost-god, Sookie’s ex had turned into a total jerk. Now? He’s just about unbearable with his near-limitless powers and massive ego.

How can a one-time good guy fall so far and still find redemption? He can’t. There’s nothing the former gentleman vamp could possibly do to make up for his downward spiral….

In fact, the most entertaining scene Bill’s been in so far this season was the one in which he overestimated his superpowers and burst into flames at sunrise. (Today)

I seriously couldn’t have said it better myself!  Bill’s always been annoying, but he’s 10 times worse now that he thinks he’s invincible, and it was pretty funny when he burst into flames, mainly because he was so sure he wouldn’t!  Jessica did try to warn him afterall!

But sadly, we will probably never be rid of Bill since the actor that portrays him now directs on the show (sometimes) and is married to the real-life Sookie, Anna Paquin.  But trying to redeem the character after this will be a tough pill to swallow.  I wonder if Stephen would be willing to direct full time so we could put an end to Bill once and for all!


Alcide: This is the one that really makes me sad.  Up to this point I ADORED Alcide!  And, his smoking hot bod didn’t hurt either!  But this season he has completely changed.  I see none of the kindheartedness or warmth I’ve come to expect from him.  He is like a mean robot that uses his strength and power for evil.  I would rather him have died in the pack master fight then see him like this.

Pack master Alcide has gone to the dogs too. There was a time when the tall, dark werewolf added to the overall alfa male action. He was the hero without all the bloodlust. But that was before he took on the leadership role of the pack….

lcide once told Sookie, “Most weres don’t have much sense. … They’re all teeth and fight and sex.” And that just about sums up him now.

He and the rest of his kind are about as appealing as those methed-out werepanthers from a couple of seasons back. (Today)

There are many other characters we could nominate for execution, but the above two are the ones that have annoyed me the most so far this season!  If it was up to you… who would stay and who would go?