Smoke and Fire

Dark Kings, Book #9

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250071965

Author’s Website:

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Four years ago Ryder met a beautiful human, Kinsey.  They had a great relationship for a year, but Ryder couldn’t understand his feelings.  Con had placed a spell on the kings long ago to make sure none of them could ever fall in love again.  Why then was he having such strong feelings for Kinsey?  He ended up doing the hardest thing he could, he left her, leaving a break-up note behind.

Shortly after returning to Dreagan Hal showed up with a mortal, Cassie, the couple was in love.  Hal was thought to have been the first king to find his mate, but Ryder just kept his secret all these years.  He watched Kinsey from afar to make sure she was safe.  Until a few weeks ago when he was sent to protect Glasgow from the Dark and he saw Kinsey in the flesh.  It took all his willpower to not act when he saw her and now he’s back at Dreagan.  So imagine his surprise when Kinsey shows up at their door with a work order from her company that none of them had placed.  In fact, it’s Kinsey’s name on the order, but they all know by the shock they saw on her face at seeing him, that she’s been set up.  The two are now putting their computer skills to the test to clear Kinsey’s name and find out who’s behind it all.  And, of course to try to find out how Ulrik’s connected.  However, one thing is for sure.  Ryder is ready to claim his mate and he will do whatever it takes to earn Kinsey’s trust back!  He just hopes he isn’t too late!

I actually did like this couple and I found that I liked this book better than the several before it.  But … you knew that was coming … this book just didn’t knock my socks off as I was hoping.  Second chance romances are kind of my jam, so I had much higher expectations for this book.  And, the sex scenes were hot!  I think there was just too much downtime where nothing was really happening.  They spent the majority of this book in Ryder’s computer lab trying to clear Kinsey’s name.  It just didn’t make for exciting reading.

We got a little more from Rhi and Balladyn, but very little!!  And also a bit from Con and his new lover that everyone is so curious about.

This book ended at an odd spot … like it really wasn’t over …. Just a segue into the next book …

Mikkel, Ulrik, and Balladyn are all close to making big moves to further their plans … so excitement is surely around the corner …. I just wish they’d get on with it already!!