Silence of the Flans

Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery #2

Author: Laura Bradford

ISBN13: 9780425280904

Author website:

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Synopsis:  Silence of the Flans

The second delectable Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery from the national bestselling author of Eclair and Present Danger.

Baker Winnie Johnson does her best work when the heat is on. As owner of the Emergency Dessert Squad, she has a deft touch in the kitchen and a soft spot for lost causes. So when her business professor beau, Jay Morgan, expresses misgivings over having to fail one of his fourth-year students, Winnie cooks up a sweet solution.

She’ll offer an extra credit opportunity in exchange for a little help with her growing business. But when her protege’s first dessert delivery poisons a student journalist, the publicity threatens to burn Winnie’s business to a crisp. Now the entrepreneur-turned-detective must uncover the ingredients behind a recipe for murder before she crumbles under pressure…



Laura Braford is one of the best cozy writers out there. Her characters are intelligent, personable and entertaining. No matter which name she writes under or what the subject, her books are the best. Silence of the Flans is no different. Winnie Johnson and her inspiring new venture Emergency Dessert Squad are just getting going and doing a steady business. I love the idea of delivering emergency desserts for all sorts of good reasons. And who does not love her senior buddies, especially Mr. Nelson. All the characters are charming and witty and a true blast to read about. I would love to hang out with all of them and come up with great ideas for new desserts. So with things going so well, what could possibly go wrong?

Winnie is worried about her boyfriend Jay Morgan. He has seemed a bit remote and she does not know why. What better way to find out than to deliver an emergency dessert. He is worried about one of his students that may fail if she does not do something to bring her grade up. Well, Winnie cannot help herself, she offers to take the student on to assist her with the business. How could it hurt to have the extra help especially since they are doing so well. Unfortunately, when Winnie and Alicia go to deliver her newly named “Fade to Blackberry Crisp” to another student, things fall apart. The next day they learn that this student, one Alicia expressed she did not care for, ends up dead. Her mouth covered in blue. The news grabs hold of this and all of a sudden business drops off to nothing.

Winnie, Mr. Nelson and the gang have to find out who really killed student reporter Melinda Tully. Who had the chance and who had the motive? I love how they work together, play off each other and do it so well. With the talented hand of author Laura Bradford, the characters come to life and their actions make sense. I want to be there helping them scoop out the real suspects and maybe enjoy some of those delicious desserts as well. The writing brings this story off the pages and they delight the senses with entertaining conversations, investigations and did I mention desserts.

Silence of the Flans is a hit, it has all the right ingredients to make it a delectable delight. Laura Bradford once again gives the cozy reader a read that entertains from page one to the very last, including recipes. You just cannot go wrong reading a Laura Bradford cozy. And this one is one of the best. If you have not rear the first one, you can read this one as a stand-alone, but why deprive yourself of such a good read. Go getÉclair and Present Danger as well. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys a great cozy! And do not forget the wonderful recipes.

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