Smallville What a clever 10th, final season Smallvilleis having. The series is concentrating on that combination of power and doubt that Clark Kent (Tom Welling) has always had difficulty sorting out, and using its friction to fuel its story lines. Increasingly, Smallville is addressing issues of identity — and not just those of the future Man of Steel — for its most dramatic moments. It was one of the first shows to set the precedent for the current CW’s young demographic by mixing the network’s two basic genres — the ironic romance (Gossip Girl and 90210) and the ironic supernatural (The Vampire Diaries and, um, Supernatural) — and has become its own creation: the struggle of a boy to become a man. Smallville picks and chooses from the vast array of characters in the Superman comic-book mythology, and adds its own twists. For example, Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) recently revealed his secret identity as wealthy Oliver Queen, and serves as an example to Clark of what not to do: go public while your heart is breaking. (Oliver was in love with superhero helper Chloe, who has pretty much disappeared since actress Allison Mack chose to stay for only a few of this season’s episodes.)

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Milo Ventimiglia Returning to TV for Comic Book-Based Drama Milo Ventimiglia is eyeing a return to TV with a new comic-based drama at NBC, Deadline reports.

The 33-year-old actor is attached to star and executive-produce Rest, a project based on a 2008 comic book series he co-created.

Rest follows John Barret, a twentysomething guy who becomes addicted to a drug that eliminates the need for sleep. John subsequently works all of the time, which leads to both positive and negative repercussions.

Welcome to King’s Landing: Malta and its use in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES In A Song of Ice and Fire a principal focus of the action is the Red Keep, the castle-fortress towering over the city of King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros. A great deal of the political machinations of the series take place there. For the HBO series Game of Thrones, the producers faced the challenge of realising the pivotal location on-screen in a convincing manner.

Much of the Red Keep, of course, exists only in the series soundstages in the Paint Hall studio complex in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A lot of the rest will be created or added digitally in post-production. However, to sell the location a towering gatehouse and some large stretches of wall were required. For this purpose, the production team had to look to using a real castle.

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Preview of BBC’s Being Human Syfy Remake Coming in January Being Human has been successful for the BBC and the UK, and Syfy is hoping it does just as well for them and the US.  The original series stars Russell Tovey as George (the werewolf), Lenora Crichlow as Annie (the ghost), and Aidan Turner as Mitchell (the vampire).  The three supernatural creatures live together in an apartment and face similar problems to human beings.

Promos for Syfy’s Being Human

Syfy’s version of Being Human will star Sam Witwer as Aidan (the vampire), Meaghan Rath as Sally (the ghost), and Sam Huntington as Josh (the werewolf).  Also part of the cast are Mark Pellegrino, Sarah Allen, and Gianpaolo Venuta.  Syfy will be premiering the series in January of next year.  Two promos (below) have been released so far.

I’m a big fan of DC comics and have been following Smallville since the beginning, I really liked what they did all of these years with the characters and how Clark grew to be Superman, Chloe was a character that the fans really learned to love and Lex hate and love too 😉 I’m glad that Green Arrow, Lois, Black Canary. Jimmy and many of the DC character got some screen time, I would have liked to see even part of Batman’s cape, but not even a mention. I wil still miss it when it’s over.

Were you a Smallville fan? What will you miss? Which was your favorite season?

What do you think of Milo’s new TV series? Were you a fan of Heroes?

What did you think of the new Being human promos? I really liked the new cast 🙂

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