New Doctor Who Arrives on BBC America in April

BBC America announced today that the new era of the BBC’s iconic BAFTA-winning drama, “Doctor Who,” will make its U.S. premiere on Saturday, April 17, 2010, soon after the UK broadcast.

“Doctor Who,” BBC America’s highest rated series ever, continues its tradition of rebooting with new lead actors and creative team. Matt Smith debuts as the new, Eleventh incarnation of the famous Time Lord alongside a new traveling companion, the enigmatic Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

“Britain has a tradition of reinventing its iconic characters, like James Bond and Sherlock Holmes – and Doctor Who. In introducing the Eleventh Doctor, writer Steven Moffat is opening the show to a whole new audience, while serving fans with an exciting mix of inter galactic, time travelling adventures. We can’t wait to meet his new Doctor!” comments Richard De Croce, Senior Vice President Programming, BBC America.

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Damon Wants a Girlfriend! Damon Wants a Girlfriend!

Is Damon Salvatore capable of love with a (gulp!)…. human being?

According to Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec, the answer is yes. Slowly. Eventually. She recently told Entertainment Weekly:

“We’ll see Damon start to look at Elena as more than just his brother’s girlfriend or the doppelganger to the love of his life. He’ll start to love and understand her as a human being, which is ironic because Damon could typically give a s–t about anything involving humanity. It’s some good stuff.”


Are you looking forward to the US debut of Doctor Who?

I’ve been wondering if Damon has feelings for Elena, especially now that he knows Katherine never cared for him. What do you think? What direction might it go if/when Damon develops feelings for Elena?