Reclusive author’s sci-fi books land at Fox

Fox has picked up rights to the best-selling sci-fi book series known as the Fourth Realm Trilogy, written by reclusive author John Twelve Hawks.

The script will be written by sci-fi/fantasy specialist Alex Tse, whose credits include “The Watchmen.”

The series, which kicked off in 2006 with “The Traveler,” explores the ideas of free will and public surveillance, secret societies and good vs. evil. Critics likened the works to Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” as well as to “The Matrix” and “Star Wars” movie franchises.

Read more about the Fourth Realm Trilogy here.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Human Blood and Dead Bodies

What, exactly, can fans of this terrific CW drama look forward to when it returns with new episodes on March 25? A new E! News spoiler column reveals two upcoming storylines:

1. Stefan will taste human blood again, which will result in a personality change.
2. Vicki’s dead body will be found.


18 Upcoming TV Shows That Could Save Small-Screen Scifi

Is science fiction doomed on television? Hell no! Here are 18 TV series in the pipeline that could recharge your love of the fantastical, including alien invasions, dinosaurs, superheroes, time travel, super-spies, government conspiracies, zombies and changelings. Minor spoilers ahead.

Here are ten shows in the pipeline that we think could bring science fiction and fantasy back to their place of preeminence on your TV set.

  • Steven Spielberg’s untitled alien invasion series, starring Noah Wylie.\
  • No Ordinary Family Michael Chiklis (The Shield) stars in this ABC drama about a family discovering that it has superpowers.
  • La Femme Nikita. The CW just announced that Maggie Q is in line to take on the role played by Anne Parrilaud in the original Luc Besson film, Bridget Fonda in the U.S. remake, and Peta Wilson in the 1997 cable TV series
  • Betwixt Another CW series, this one is based on the novel by Tara Bray Smith about three Portland
  • Tower Prep and/or Unnatural History.
  • Riverworld
  • Undercovers
  • Terra Nova
  • Being Human US Remake
  • Torchwood (the U.S. remake).
  • The Cape
  • The Walking Dead
  • A Game Of Thrones.
  • Gates
  • Haven
  • Star Wars: The Live-Action Series.

Read more about each show on io9

Iv’e never heard of the Fourth Realm Trilogy. I wonder if the script writers can turn it into a series. Have you read it? Will it make a good tv show?

Sigh, I miss Vampire Diaries already. I am jonesing for them to further the story lines. Whose blood do you think Stefan will drink? And how might it change him?

Betwixt winks at me, it sounds like an interesting show. Undercover (JJ Abrams) sounds cool but I don’t see the Sci-fi in it. I’ll wait for a better synopsis before I decide to watch it, or not.

Haven sounds like the best bet to me. Out of the 18 choices, which do you like best and why?