Various Short Stories
By Nalini Singh
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Nalini Singh Author Photo - MediumNalini Singh has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  When, I heard the basis of the Psy-Changeling series, I didn’t think I would like it, the Psy seemed a bit too sci-fi for me.  But I kept hearing others talk about how great it was, so I read the novella about Tasmyn and Nate, Beat of Temptation, and was completely hooked!  I was amazed at the amount of emotion she could get out of such a short story and knew that the full length novels would be quite the treat!

Now I have found more reasons to love Singh.  The fact that she not only wants to check-in on couples previously featured in her books, but that she’s willing to offer up such stories free for her fans is a wonderful trait I don’t see often in authors and I for one greatly appreciate it!  So I’ve decided to review some of those short stories now.

3 Star rating
The Cannibal Princess
Psy-Changeling, Book # 1.5

The Cannibal Princess is a very short story about Sascha and Lucas that you can find free on Singh’s website  Chronologically it goes between Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat.  Tasmyn and Nate are out of town and left their two rambunctious cubs, Julian and Roman, in Lucas’s and Sascha’s care, leaving the readers with a glimpse of their parental side!  It’s a very sweet story, but with it being about 6 pages long (on my ereader anyway) there isn’t much time to evoke any stronger feelings than that.  But it is a charming story that kept a goofy grin on my face throughout and it’s a very fast read.  It definitely put me in the mood to delve back into the Psy-Changeling world and I can’t wait!

2 star rating
A Conversation
Psy-Changeling 4.5

The rat alpha, Teijan, takes the time to have a conversation with fellow rat, Zane.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this short, but I think it’s mainly because I really don’t know the rats that well and haven’t connected to them yet.  But this story gives us a look at how their alliance to DarkRiver has benefited them and shows the readers why they would be willing to go to war with the leopards.

3 Star rating
A Gift for Kit
Psy-Changeling #5.5

This is very short, but sweet!

Kit has just made solider in the DarkRiver pack so his sister, Rina, takes him out to bestow a gift on him left by their parents.

This was a really short story, but it packed a punch of emotion in its couple of pages.  It showed the bond between brother and sister and also their love for their parents that they had lost at a young age.

3 Star rating
Movie Night
Psy-Changeling #5.6

Movie Night was a brief visit in Judd and Brenna’s relationship as they try to have a nice evening at home.  Brenna tries to give Judd an opportunity to develop preferences of his own by letting him select a movie for them to watch that HE wants to watch, instead of choosing something he thinks she’ll like.

It was nice to see this couple together and it was a really cute story…. movie heroes sucking boobs to save a girl’s life and all.

3 Star rating
The Party
Psy-Changeling 6.5

This was a deleted scene from Branded by Fire.  It features a get together with the females from DarkRiver.  It was meant to show how important DarkRiver is to Mercy.

I thought it was alright, but nothing to write home about.  But I did have a goofy smile on my face once Faith brought out her party favors:)  I also really like that Zach and Anna where mentioned as I had actually forgotten about them!

3 Star rating
Christmas in the Kitchen
Psy Changeling, #7.5

This short story isn’t actually on Singh’s website, but was included in one of her newsletters some time ago.  It gives us a look into Dorian and Ashaya’s lives.  Ashaya has cooked up some sweets for the upcoming pack Christmas party and Dorian, Keenan, and several pack members that stopped by are making it hard for her to keep enough treats to take to the party!  Ashaya solicits the help of the others to prepare more goodies for the party that encourages a backing contest between a couple of the sentinels.

This was another sweet (pun intended) story that lets us see not only Dorian and Ashaya’s relationship, but the whole pack dynamic in general.  I was also really enjoying Kit and Clay in this one as well.  It’s a fun little read if you can get your hands on it that takes maybe 5 or so minutes to read!

3 Star rating
Psy-Changeling, # 9.1

This was a scene that was originally supposed to be in Play of Passion, but was  ultimately taken out and put on Singh’s website as a short story.  It gives us another look at Drew being the sweetie that he is; taking Ben under his wing and teaching him how to howl.  And, of course Indigo overhears and Drew being Drew, he can’t resist a little smoking smooch action!

I thought this was really cute and just reiterates why I love Drew so much!  I actually wish this one had been a bit longer:)

4 star rating
Poker Night
Psy-Changeling # 11.5

 Several of the sentinels from DarkRiver and SnowDancer gather together at Nate’s house to play some poker and plan an anniversary party for Riley and Mercy.

I really enjoyed this story.  It’s always great to see some of my favorite changeling males, Nate, Hawke, and Drew!  I loved the banter between them all.  It was also nice to be reminded of Mercy’s brother, Bastian, who I really hope gets a book of his own someday!

And when Nate’s twins come down the story really turns sweet and adorable!

3 Star rating
Stalking Hawke
Psy-Changeling # 11.6

In this story, SnowDancer alpha, Hawke, finds himself being stalked by one of the pups of the pack.  I was even able to guess the pup in question!  This was a super cute story, and one that definitely makes you go “awwwww”

Overall these stories don’t really add to the series, in the sense that if you miss them, it won’t hurt the story arc, but it’s fun to get these little extra snippets if you have the time!