4 star


Shimmer: A Faerie’s Tragic Tale

By:  Claudette Melanson 

ISBN# 9781310159497

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shimmerDo you love Faerie Tales?

Ariane & Aureliam have grown up together, always knowing they were destined to spend their lives together. But a chance meeting may bring an end to the happiness they’ve always hoped to have together. Ariane’s father has other plans for her future…and they don’t include Aureliam.

The faerie pair are not willing to lose each other so easily and Aureliam has laid a plan in place that will hopefully ensure their future together. Will Ariane’s dreams of a life with her true love come true?

This short story will captivate readers with its magic and shimmering imagery. Sure to become a fairy tale for the ages!


Generally, I am not a fan of short reads but I must say that I quite enjoyed this short story.  The imagery was well thought out and captivating.  The story of great love and loss was told in a thought provoking manner.  Even in the faery world, nobility must make sacrifices for the greater good (Darn the King, her father, for making Ariane marry the human to save the faery lands!).

The portrayal of the love from childhood that was between Ariane and Aureliam was well written and I could feel their love and their hearts breaking when the King ordered Ariane’s wedding to the human.  The exit from the ill-fated marriage has been told before, but I still rooted that in the end it would work out for Ariane and Aureliam.  I guess it did, in its own way.

Take a chance and read this short story, you won’t be sorry.

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*