Shadows Among US

Doctors of Darkness, Book #4

By Ellery A. Kane

ISBN# 9781733670159

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Mollie Roark’s life hasn’t been the same since her daughter died two years ago.  Murdered.  They suspect she was a victim of the local serial killer knows as the Shadow Man.  The case has gone cold and no suspects have been found.  Mollie was once a successful therapist, but lost her job when she failed to cope with Dakota’s death properly.  Now she leads a weekly therapy group for grieving parents that she doesn’t even get paid for.  Her already rocky marriage didn’t survive losing their daughter either.  Her ex moved to Seattle to get away from it all.

Mollie grieves by drowning herself in the bottle and by making out in the backseat of her jeep with fellow grieving parent, Sawyer, after their weekly meetings.  She spends the rest of her time obsessing over whom killed Dakota and even has her own board of suspects in her home office.

Then a strange old man shows up at her house wanting her to take him on as a therapy patient.  She soon learns what a small world they live in when her patient’s past intersect with others in her life.  Could his confessions lead her to finding out who killed her daughter?  And, can she handle the truth of who is responsible?

I always enjoy Kane’s books.  They’re always a fun romp into the life of a killer and it usually have a great soundtrack to boot!  This one is full of some heavy metal favorites that include Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne.

“One of my schizophrenic patients had told me heavy metal drowns the voices best.”

I have to admit that I struggled reading this one more than the other books in this series.  The storyline seemed to drag at a snail’s pace at times and was a bit one-dimensional.  It also flipped back and forth from the present from Mollie’s point-of-view and the past from Dakota’s.

I actually really enjoyed Sawyer.  He was the perfect mix of supportive want-to-be boyfriend and fellow grieving parent with a splash of humor.  Most people would not put up with Mollie’s craziness the way Sawyer did!

We did see a darker side of Mollie as well, in the chapters from Dakota’s point of view.

My favorite part of this story was definitely the ending with Mollie and her father reunited and dishing out their own kind of revenge on people!

This book did end up being an okay read, it just took a while to get to that point for me!

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*