2 star rating
Shadow World, Book #5
By Dianne Sylvan
ISBN# 9780425259849
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shadowbound-shadow-world-dianne-sylvanDavid and Miranda don’t know what to expect with their latest transformations. They have more power, more speed, sharper senses, and are harder to kill, but it comes at a cost. They must drink someone to death once every new moon. David sees it as only fair and is okay as long as he feeds from the dregs of society, but Miranda still struggles with taking another’s life.
But all of that is put on the back-burner as Morningstar is getting bolder. They are hunting Signets and using their power to build armies of mindless minions to do their bidding.

But when their latest attack hurts one of David and Miranda’s closest friends, will they have what it takes to pull him from the brink of death?

I found this book had an incredibly slow start, and I really struggled muddling through it all. There isn’t one thing I can really blame this on, all I know is that it was hard for me to keep reading, and I was easily distracted from the book.

But the wedding hooked me, in this book. I felt so incredibly bad for the tragedy that occurred in the wake of such happiness though. My heart bled for the survivor of that union and I did find it a bit cruel that he was forced to endure such heartache. But he’s a character I wouldn’t like to lose in this series! One of my favorites, in fact.

But that ending? It didn’t feel like an ending at all. A sneak peek at what is to come, I guess. But it left the book feeling incomplete.