Shadow Storm

Shadow Riders, Book #6

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780593333129

Author Website:

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Emmanuelle has given up on love. She is ready to have an arranged marriage and move to Europe, where she won’t be able to see Valentino anymore. Anywhere is better than being close to her mother, who doesn’t love her, and Valentino’s betrayal. But things change when Valentino is shot by his uncle’s men in order to take over the Saldi territory. Dario, Val’s cousin, informs Emme of the attack. Emme knows not to go alone into a fight and asks her brothers for help along with Elie Archambault. She barely makes it in time to aid Valentino and help fight the mob army.

Emmanuelle and Valentino’s relationship has been brewing up since their appearance in the first book in the Shadow Riders series making their story even more interesting to unravel. In a very Romeo and Juliet story, Emme and Val have been through several dangers together and apart. Val’s family has been enemies with Emme’s family for generations ago, making their relationship forbidden, especially under the eyes of Emme’s mother. Not to mention, no one knows if their children would be able to ride the shadows.

One of my favorite things about author Christine Feehan’s books is her fight scenes. It’s always interesting to read how her character’s fights will turn out to be. There’s an early fight in the story while trying to save Valentino and Dario, in which we have a POV from Emme’s female shadow rider perspective. She has to use everything in her advantage compared to her brothers who can take on stronger targets. Emme has to be very careful not to let enemies too close to hurt her. 

An interesting and mysterious character is Elie Archambault. He’s been seen in previous books and became good friends with Emme. So much as to consider marrying him and vise versa in order to have an arranged marriage with someone they know and trust. Elie has his own tragic love story, which we learn a little about in this book. It will be interesting to see if Feehan plans a book for him or will end the Shadow Rider series with Emme.

Throughout the book we learn more about Emme’s childhood, how her mother neglected her, and the first time she met Valentino. Meeting Val and having their shadows intertwine in a way, gives us an idea that there’s more than shadow riders out there, and probably more enemies for the Ferraros. I do have to mention how thrilling it was to see the Ferraros and Saldis work together, especially seeing the riders from someone else’s perspective. Like true shadows. Emme had to battle her inner thoughts and struggles, too. Being with the person she loves without feeling that she’s betraying her family.

There are several easter eggs throughout the story that tease more to come for this series, such as the mystery behind Dario’s past, Elie’s future, new Ferraro babies, and the main enemy of the newly formed Ferraro/Saldi alliance. But we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, if you’ve been following this series and are waiting for the last Ferraro sibling to find true love, I recommend you read Shadow Storm.