Shades of Wicked

Night Rebel, Book #1

By Jeaniene Frost

ISBN# 9780062695611

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Shades of Wicked CR: Avon

Veritas has taken a leave of absence from being a Law Guardian to finally get justice for herself and so many others from her past that needlessly lost their lives at the hands of Dagon.  She just needs to enlist the help of one shameless playboy who was recently demon branded by Dagon.

Ian doesn’t want to have anything to do with Veritas.  He feels something for her that he can’t explain.  Not to mention she had a hand in the execution of Cat’s daughter, Katie.  However, after engaging in battle with her, he realizes that with her, they really could kill Dagon and eliminate Dagon’s claim on his soul that he was tricked into giving him.

But things are seldom what they seem and Dagon is a harder opponent to eliminate than either had expected him to be.  They could end up destroying themselves in the process.

I was ecstatic to receive this book for review and that’s before I realized it was what so many of us Night Huntress readers have wanted!  An Ian book!  And, not only that …. It’s the first book in Ian’s very own spin-off series!  I mean, if Vlad got one (which I loved), it was only fitting for Ian to get one as well!  Although, I don’t see any other spin-offs that could materialize after this unless we meet some new people soon!

Ian was his usual crass, cocky, conceited self and I loved every minute of it.  Even though, this book was from Veritas’s point of view, we still got a glimpse of a softer more caring side of Ian as well.  We all knew it was there, but it was nice to see it come to light.  Although, I’m sure Ian is quite appalled.

“I saw you then and felt nothing. Saw you months later during the ghoul uprising and felt nothing then, too … until I watched you tear through a group of ghouls ’til they were no more than blood in the wind. Made me so hard, I almost tripped over my cock on my way to kill the ghoul in front of me.”

“Romantic,” I said in an acerbic tone, but a fluttering had started inside that I was having a difficult time controlling.

A quick grin. “Indeed. Felt nothing when you rudely interrupted my orgy, either, except rage when I recognized you as the Guardian who’d been at Katie’s supposed execution. Then we fought … and I felt the same thing I’d felt when I watched you tear through those ghouls years before.”

“Something long and hard?” I supplied, adding, “I remember it hitting my foot when I was trying to hold you down.”

“Not that, though that, too,” he said with another unrepentant grin. Then it faded as he said, “I felt that you were mine.”

I found Veritas to be a perfect match to Ian.  She has her own set of morals she lives by and they don’t always match up with Ian’s, but they’re close enough.  And, she gives as good as she gets.  And sex like theirs destroys everything in its path … literally….. stairs, floors, …. everything!

“Ian grinned before leaning down to lick the blood off my lip. “I know, it’s a lot to take in. Never thought you’d be this happy, did you? Or this lucky. Blimey, go ahead and envy yourself. Countless other people will, I assure you.”

I was sad for Veritas and the sacrifice she had to make, but the ending has me pumped and excited for the next book. I’m curious if it might actually be from Ian’s point of view. However, we have to wait until next summer to find out.  That’s soooooo far away!

This was a really enjoyable read and any Dark Huntress fan will be salivating to get their hands on it!

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