Shades of Gray

KGI, Book #6

By Maya Banks

ISBN#  9781101614648

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*Beware of Spoilers … lots of them!*

P.J. and Cole have been fighting their attraction to each other for quite some time.  They’re always teasing each other and giving each other flak.  They just came off an assignment and their whole team is slated off for some much needed rest.  P.J. is back where she makes her home in Denver hanging out at her usual bar when her ex and his cronies start giving her crap.  Imagine her surprise when Cole of all people comes along and cuddles up to her in front of them.  After the guys leave, Cole stays to hang out with P.J., but they quickly decide to relocate to P.J.’s apartment for some wild monkey sex!

Cole can’t believe he’s finally made his move on P.J. and it was better than he could have dreamed.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she belongs to him now!

The two didn’t expect to get awakened with a call to return to KGI headquarters.  They are quickly dispatched to a new and unexpected mission.  One of the largest traffickers of children in the world, Carter Brumley, is rumored to be delivering girls to Europe.  He and his right-hand man, Gregory Nelson, will be attending a party.  Nelson is known to have a big mouth if you get him drinking enough and P.J. is exactly the kind of girl he likes!  It’s up to P.J. to go to the party and pump him for the information they need to save those girls!  Cole is furious at the assignment and his gut is screaming it’s a bad idea, but P.J. agreed to do it. 

The whole team is filled with rage when it all goes wrong.  Nelson breaks P.J.’s GPS bracelet and takes her to an unknown location.  She is drugged, brutalized, and raped by both Brumley and Nelson.  She is still wearing her very well hidden wire so the entire team hears everything, but are unable to stop it as they rush to find her!  When they do finally arrive she’s broken and bloody and the whole team has vengeance on their minds.  But P.J. refuses to drag KGI down with her and slips out of her hospital room.  Cole is beside himself with worry for P.J.   He looks everywhere for her, but is unable to find her.

Then six months later, the two guards that were there that night are found murdered, with wounds identical to those Brumley left on P.J.  They all know that P.J. is hunting those responsible for her rape and that it’s only a matter of time before she goes after Nelson and Brumley.  The team finds out about another deal going down and find P.J. as she kills Nelson.  She’s injured in the process and would have been killed if her team hadn’t shown up when they did.  Cole lost her six months ago and refuses to lose her again! 

Brumley knows he’s being hunted and has taken a contract out on P.J.’s head.  It’s only a matter of time, before he finds her.

I haven’t liked the last several KGI novels, but this book reminded me of why I fell in love with the series to begin with!  I’ve always liked Cole and had been anxiously waiting for Cole and P.J. to finally get together.  And, let me say, this couple did NOT disappoint!

I always enjoyed the way Cole and P.J. teased one another.  But this book showed us a different side of Cole.  A protective caretaker and a man in love.  He was the man that every woman would want in real life! I was completely addicted to him and couldn’t get enough!  I just absolutely loved him. 

P.J. was a strong character in her own right, although she kept getting injured in this story!  She was let down in the past, but her team made it a point to show her that they will always have her back!

I really enjoyed this novel and was so glad to find something to love about these books again!