Seven Brothers of Sin: A Reverse Harem Romance

By Cassandra Dee

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

18 year old Macy Jones is home from her first year of college.  She hates college and can’t wait to get to her passion: cooking!  She longs to go to culinary school, but her parents don’t think there is a career in cooking.  She hopes to self-publish a cookbook and show her parents that they’re wrong!

Mr. Morgan next door recently had a stroke so all seven of their sons have made the trip home to help take care of him.  And, all seven have their eyes on Macy!

The brothers have built a fortune and have decided that they don’t want their legacy to pass down to multiple descendants.  Instead, the brothers want to find one woman to share and have one child with that woman.  However, it takes a special woman to be able to handle all seven of them and they think that Macy is up to the task!

This story is pretty much what you’d expect considering the title and cover of this book!  Lots and lots of hot steamy group sex!  This book is basically a barely legal, virgin, group sex porno … with the big and beautiful thrown in as well since all seven brothers like their women curvy!  I find it highly unlikely that all seven brothers would like the exact same type of woman though.  I also find it hard to believe that at the same time the guys want to make a baby that so does 18 year old Macy, who at this point doesn’t know about the brothers’ intentions.  These guys are all in their 30s and 40s, I’d imagined they’d be much younger! Also, the whole thing with Heather was kind of dumb and really didn’t serve a lot of purpose, just to make Macy doubt herself, but in the end it had no real bearing on the story.

I actually thought it would be hard to keep up with the seven men in this story and know the difference between them all.  But the author wrote out these characters in such a way that my concerns were unfounded and I was easily able to discern the different siblings.

One thing that drove me nuts though is whenever the brothers or Macy would think about their parents they would use their first names in their thoughts instead of mom or dad … who does that?

Overall, I found the storyline to be rather corny, but I realize these types of books aren’t really read for a riveting plot.  If you look past the corniness, the book isn’t so bad, and it can easily be read in one sitting!  It’s hot, sexy, and a whole lot dirty, so if that’s what you’re into … read on, my friends, read on.

The ebook edition that I read also had several other titles from this author included.  I did not read all of these, but they all appear to be romances among step siblings, mostly including twins.