Seize the Night

Dark-Hunter, Book #6

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780749935870

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seize-the-night-dark-hunter-sherrilyn-kenyonValerius is used to being hated.  First by his own father.  Then by the brothers that took joy out of the cruel punishments their father would devise for Valerius.  To say nothing of the whipping boy slave that was actually their brother, unbeknownst to them.

Valerius is eventually killed by his brothers (except Zarek the slave) and he takes his vengeance on them and becomes a Dark-Hunter.  You’d think he’d finally find peace, but now he’s hated by most of the Dark-Hunters as well.  Valerius is Roman, whereas most of the other hunters are Greek.  Then of course there is the measly fact that Valerius’s grandfather crucified former Dark-Hunter Kyrian (after weeks of torture) and Val is his spitting image.  Kyrian can’t let go of the past and can’t look beyond his hatred for Valerius.  So imagine Kyrian’s ire when his wife’s twin sister falls head over heels for his sworn enemy!

Tabitha knows when she meets Valerius that she should stay away from him; that nothing can come of their acquaintance.  But as she gets to know him, she realizes that he’s a good man that was dealt a bad hand in life.  He’s a temptation that she just can’t resist.

Things start heating up when Desiderius comes back from the dead.  He wants to make Kyrian pay once and for all.  And everybody (well all the bad people anyway) want to get their hands on Kyrian and Amanda’s daughter, Marissa.  The Dark-Hunters and the Devereaux family will have to pull together to protect those they hold dear.  Can they look past their differences to work together or will all be lost?

This was another interesting read in the Dark-Hunter series.  You can’t help, but feel bad for all the things that Valerius has had to go through in his life.  The hatred that everyone has had for him.  He has no idea what it feels like to be treated to a kind word or gesture because nobody gives him anything, but cruelty.  And, worse he expects it and even feels he deserves it.  That is until Tabitha comes into his life and shows him what he’s been missing all along! I really enjoyed this couple and especially seeing Tabby getting Val to loosen up a little!

I was expecting Val to stay a Dark-hunter for some reason though.  Maybe because Tabitha enjoys hunting the vampires and I just expected her to want to keep fighting beside him.  If anything, I thought maybe she’d join the Dark-Hunter ranks, if there was some way they wouldn’t drain each other’s powers that is.  However, that was not to be!!

We get to see a few more pieces to the complicated puzzle that is Acheron fall into place.  I absolutely love him and enjoy every tidbit that is revealed.  When I finally get to his book, I know it will be EPIC!!  But sadly he has some more hardships to deal with in this book.  He’s definitely of the tortured hero variety and that’s probably why I like him so much!!

Another great story in this series and I can’t wait to read more!