Seduce Me in Flames

Three Worlds, Book #2

By Jacquelyn Frank

ISBN# 9780345517685

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Rush “Ender” Blakely is a Tarian, which are often believed to be nothing more than savages.  They typically live within their own clans and stick to themselves.  However, when Rush confided in his clan about his mutation, that he can create fire from within himself, they tried to kill him.  Now Rush is too traumatized and untrusting to let others know of his curse.

Rush is now a trusted member of the Interplanetary Militia.   Their current mission is to break the princess of Allay out of the prison she was so unjustly sent to and restore her to the throne.  Her father recently passed, and her brother was killed, leaving her and her uncle as the only heirs to the throne remaining.  However, her uncle is not expected to give up the throne easily and Ambrea asks Rush to stay with her for protection.  As the two grow closer, it could spell political suicide for Ambrea.  And, the threat to her life is not over …

It’s been a really long time since I read the first book of this series, Seduce Me in Dreams, but it didn’t take much to get back into the series and to understand what was going on.  We get to see the couple from that book, quite a bit in this novel as well.

I really wanted to like this novel, and Rush and Ambrea.  However, I felt the book had a slow and clunky pace.  It seemed very weighted down and I had a hard time focusing on the story, and was overall bored during the majority of it.  I often found myself more interested in Bronse and Ravenna’s romance than the couple this book was actually about.  It was an okay read, but it was way too easy to put down.