Secret Harbor

Windfall Island, Book #3

By Anna Sullivan

ISBN# 9781455525379

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secret-harborPaige Walker has achieved her dream of making it big in Hollywood, but now scandal has brought her back to the safety of the shores of Windfall Island.  There, she knows her town will protect her until it all blows over.

While back home she gets engulfed in the mystery of Eugenia Stanhope.  Both Maggie and Jessie have tested negative to being the lost Stanhope, leaving Paige as the last possibility.  Now her life is in danger from Clayton Stanhope, who doesn’t want anyone to take any of “his” family money.  Alec Barclay has taken it upon himself to stay with Paige and be her protection. But neither of them can ignore the spark between them for long…

I really wanted to like this book, but I found the pace to be too slow.  I had a hard time forcing myself to keep reading, and was often bored, and it just couldn’t maintain my interest.

The characters were all good and well-developed.  I, of course, loved Alec.  He was a good guy that wanted nothing more than to be with Paige.  I found that what their big tiff over was a bit melodramatic on Paige’s part.  He was trying to stand up for her, in his own way, and she construed it to be he didn’t trust her.  I thought it was a bit of a stretch, and a stupid thing to end things over.

The book did have a nice ending, I just wish it hadn’t take such a slow trip to get there!

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