Second Sight
By H.K. Savage
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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Lindsay

Rebecca Sauter is a MP at the Naval Air Station at Miramar.  “Becca” has spent her whole life keeping her head down in an effort to hide her special ability and not draw attention to herself.  Becca dreams the future, a trait it appears she inherited from her grandmother.  After having a vision of her semi-serious boyfriend, Terry, in pain during work Becca decides to take off on her nightly run to clear her head.  Becca ignores the obvious signs her special ability is trying to tell her and runs into 2 wolves while at her usual resting spot.  One of the wolves attacks her and knocks Becca to the ground where she hits her head.  However, a dark strange man calls off the wolves before Becca is further injured.  In a haze from her head injury Becca tries to understand this strange man but before she can relate him to a vision she had recently, she passes out.  When she wakes up in the hospital on base some time later she automatically assumes the wolves and dark man are from her concussion and dismisses everything as a dream.  The following day a mysterious Captain shows up demanding she leave the hospital with him and return to his commanding officer, Admiral Black.  When Becca arrives at her new assignment she finds out she was chosen for her ability to see the future.  As she sets off on her first few missions, Becca begins to see that there are things present in the world she never thought possible.  The new team quickly finds themselves in a position where the entire vampire race is threatened and Becca must embrace her new world and trust in her ability to save everyone she cares about, even herself.

Throughout the book we can see Becca finally begin to come to terms with who she is and her ability.  As she begins to see there is more to the world than she thought, she starts to find her place and finally feels like she fits in somewhere.  Her personal growth is an excellent storyline itself.  However, I think the real story lies in Captain Rossi.  He is able to fight through a blood bond and let his heart lead his actions.  I was impressed with how well thought out and put together his character was.  I enjoyed seeing him slowly open up and allow himself to feel emotions again, even though he is a vampire, this is something that all humans live through at least once.  By taking the lead male vampire through this emotional journey, the reader connects with the characters and can relate to this story better than most vampire books.  It almost makes this a believable story, almost.  At any rate, my friends, this is why I chose to give this book 5 stars.  I’ve read my share of vampire books but rarely have I actually connected with any characters in those books like I did with this one.

This book has a little bit of everything:  supernatural, romance, action and suspense.  If you like a well-written book with a nice balance, you will like this book.  This is also the kind of book that will appeal to those readers who aren’t really supernatural fans.  Give this book a chance, it is definitely worth your time and money and you will not be disappointed.