Seams like Murder

A Crochet Mystery, Book #10

By Betty Hechtman

ISBN 978425279441

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Knitting and crocheting books are selling like crazy at the bookstore where Molly works, so to keep the customers coming, she sets up a series of classes where the Tarzana Hookers can pass on their skills to others: a Yarn University. The only problem is the teacher of the most popular seminar—Sheila—is getting a massive case of stage fright about being in front of a crowd.

To ease Sheila’s nerves, the Hookers plan a practice class at crocheter CeeCee’s mansion. But before the lesson begins, Molly and the gang stumble upon a dead body in the apartment above CeeCee’s garage. Now, Molly must unravel the clues to find a killer quickly—or school might be out forever.


Seams Like Murder is a delightfully character driven mystery; tenth in A Crochet Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone. Catching up with this eccentric group of ‘Hookers’ is a LOL blast! Molly Pink and the ladies hooked my attention from the beginning, and the biggest challenge I faced (other than who the bad guy/gal is) was the courage to let go, make the final stitch and tie off.

Cee Cee Collins is the star in the Tarzana Hooker’s crochet group. Literally. Now an Academy Award nominee, she brings an even greater air of excitement to the group. Molly has been organizing the Yarn University for the Indie bookstore where she was recently promoted to assistant manager. Several of the regular crocheters were prepared to teach a class in various aspects of crocheting. One of the volunteer instructors had cold feet, so to help give her confidence and practice addressing a group, the Hookers met at Cee Cee’s home to give Sheila a practice run in her special ‘Hug’ pattern and colorful technique. Cee Cee’s ‘love interest’ Tony planned to produce and film a web-based soap. Cee Cee’s guest suite could be used for some of the taping, so she was going to give a quick tour of the over-the-garage suite to the class when they opened the door to find a dead body. Was there a reason she pushed Molly to go into the suite first when they were met with a bad odor upon opening the door? Other than fear, of course…

Molly runs head-on into another mystery, and try as she might to stay out of it this time, people just keep trying to drag her in. Molly’s former gentleman friend, Barry, a homicide detective, was brought into the mix at Cee Cee’s request so the paparazzi wouldn’t follow the usual first response teams that would arrive. He and Molly’s current love interest, Mason, high-powered attorney, agree on only one thing, that she stay out of murder investigations for her own well-being.

Mason, injured in a serious car accident several weeks’ prior, had his own challenges at present. His daughter who resents him dating Molly moved in with him to take care of him while he was still recovering. Then his ex-wife moved in, supposedly because her boy toy and she split up and she needed a place to stay while her home was being remodeled.

One of the things that make this series are the characters! Molly is a fairly normal woman who was widowed young. Her adult sons still come and go, and her ‘herd’ of animals needs to be checked on regularly. Molly’s pets, and the stories of how she acquired them, endear her to this reader! Molly’s best friend Dinah seems as normal as Molly. Either could step off the pages of the novel as friends one has known forever. Mason and Barry both are strong men who are young enough to have fun and old enough to have stability. One could have a little empathy with Sheila. Many of us have known at least one Adele or Babs, or even Esmaya, but hopefully not all at the same time! They are each colorfully depicted and uniquely memorable.

The plot was fascinating and didn’t seem one that could easily be solved. The plot twists kept this reader on her toes! Every bit of the plot is plausible; the author has a great imagination to plan and execute a mystery so well! I admit that I had no clue who the real bad guy/ gal would be, and had not even imagined … Wow! Just – wow! There are LOL funny scenes, my favorite of which is one that I could see as what ‘could only happen to me’. If one likes to crochet, spend time with pets, and read cozy mysteries that include a great balance of serious (respecting the murder) and humor, along with a cast of real characters, try Seams Like Murder. I highly recommend it, as well as the earlier books in the series. Sometimes we need to find humor even on the rainiest of days, and Betty Hechtman’s novels are wonderful treats for torrential downpours or summery sunny weather.

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