Sealed with a Curse

Weird Girls, Book #1

By Cecy Robson

ISBN# 9780451416735

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The Wird sisters were cursed before they were born and it’s left them with special gifts.  The sisters live together and even work as nurses at the same hospital.  They have avoided the supernatural world their whole lives, until one of them had to blow up a vampire in an act of self-defense!    An act that led them to vampire court to answer for their actions.  But when it was proven that the vampire they killed was actually in the throes of bloodlust they were cleared of all charges.  However, as an epidemic of blood-lusted vampires emerge, it becomes apparent there is more going on than meets the eye.  And, if the answers aren’t found soon, it could cost master vampire, Misha, his life.

Celia and her sisters get dragged into the mystery to find out what is going on to save the innocents of Tahoe, Misha, and themselves!  However, the local weres have taken a shine to the girls and make it quite clear they want them to stay out of the vampire problems and out of danger!  But the Wird sisters were never ones to stay safe on the sidelines!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this book, but I found it was a great vampire vs werewolf story like the original greats in the genre!  I’ve read so many paranormal books that they all seem to blend together, but this one definitely stands on its own!

I really enjoyed Celia, who has an inner tigress that she can transform into!  She was a humble and levelheaded heroine, whom I felt was really down-to-earth.  She went from a girl who barely dated to having two powerful men vying for her attention; Misha and the were alpha, Aric!  But the choice was surprisingly easy for her as only one sets her on fire!  However, trying to be with him comes with its own set of issues.

I really enjoyed all the secondary characters in this story as well.  Celia’s three sisters, the pack of weres, and their lone wolf friend, Bren, was quite the hoot!

“Celia Wird, have you no shame? Standing out there half-naked, flashing those young boys like some kind of streetwalker!”

Aric’s dark brows shot up to his crown. “What the fu–“

“Mind your own business, you goddamn raisin with legs!” Taran screamed from inside the house.

Mrs. Mancuso flipped me off, of course. Bren flashed her a panty-dropping grin. “It’s okay, Mrs. M. I’ll be sure to take Celia to confession later so Father O’Callaghan can slap the sin out of her.”

“Be sure that you do.” Mrs. Mancuso gave Bren an approving nod, and me another stiff one. Aric remained fixed to my front walkway. He may have been a guardian of the earth, but I doubted he’d ever encountered evil the likes of Mrs. Mancuso.”

I really enjoyed the bond between the sisters and just how gentle the wolves are with the girls, especially Aric with Celia!!

I absolutely loved this book!  It was fast-paced and action packed, with a little romance thrown in.  I’m also glad to see that the series will continue on with Celia’s (and I can only assume, Aric’s) story!  I may have just found another favorite series and I can’t wait to continue it! I just came to find it a little late, but better late than never!