At San Diego Comic-Con, Sony Pictures presented the attendees in Hall H with the very first look at their upcoming fantasy thriller, Legion. In the footage we got to see a ton of R-rated action combined with some creepy horror scenes, and a side of warrior angels.

What we saw looked interesting and its star, the talented Paul Bettany, looked amazing. Today, we finally have for you the full red band trailer for Legion which shows you some of what we saw in San Diego.

You must be 18 to watch the trailer, check it out here.

Notable call-outs from me: Kevin Durand looks awesome as Gabriel and the crazy mouthy demonic grandma was very creepy – that scene had a fun reaction with the audience at the Comic-Con panel.

Legion’s story and direction comes from Scott Stewart with a screenplay by Peter Schink. The film stars Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand, Doug Jones, Tyrese Gibson and Adrianne Palicki

Wow, this movie looks seriously epic and amazing! This must be Paul Bettany’s year? He will be starring in the upcoming Manga adaptation ‘Priest’ and now this!  I just love Paul Bettany, but the entire cast looks great as well. The effects look really cool AND this seems like a pretty unique storyline for a movie. I definitely want to see this movie!

What do you think of the trailer?

Does this look like a typical ‘End of the world’ type movie to you?