On Our Radar: Scott Sigler’s ‘Infected’

‘Infected’ is a sci-fi thriller novel by American writer Scott Sigler, which was originally a podcast novel called ‘Infection’ and was later renamed to accommodate its hardcover release by Crown Publishing in 2008. Film rights have since been purchased by Rogue Pictures and Random House films and they have optioned to develop the novel into a feature length film.

Infected Synopsis:

Perry Dawsey is 6-foot-5, 265 pounds of angry ex-linebacker. He knows all too well that if he doesn’t control his quick temper, people get hurt. Through constant focus, he has locked his violent past away in the deep dungeons of his mind.

The infection changes everything.

Strange microscopic parasites tap into Perry’s bloodstream like tiny little vampires. They start as bright orange blisters, but soon take the shape of triangular growths just beneath his skin. The “Triangles,” as Perry calls them, try to control their host by manipulating hormone levels and flooding his body with neurotransmitters — imbalances of which cause paranoia, schizophrenia and excessive aggression. As Perry begins a desperate battle to cut the Triangles out of his body before it’s too late, his self-control dissolves into raging, murderous madness.

Reviews for Sigler’s novel have been off the charts. Author of ‘Patient Zero’, Jonathan Mayberry, a Bram Stoker Award winner said:

“Sigler is the Richard Matheson of the 21st Century…smart and creepy, INFECTED is a flawless thinking-person’s thriller. Bravo to a bold new talent!”

With parasites, science fiction and horror all rolled into one…‘Infected” is a novel we will be surely place in our review cue. So stay tuned.

To read more about Scott Sigler’s novel ‘Infected’, view the book trailer, hear podcasts, and listen to free audio-books, (yup, you heard correctly), hop on over to his site  http://www.scottsigler.com/infected