Are European Science Fiction Authors More Serious Than Americans?

If you want to explore European SF, you must check out Will Schofield’s interview with venerable editor Franz Rottensteiner, whose tastes have shaped European SF for decades. He talks about his favorite writers, and how old world SF trumps new.

In a wide-ranging discussion that moves from the history of small press publishing in SF, to favorite nineteenth century authors, Rottensteiner emerges as a fascinating literary figure from a world that we rarely see in English-speaking countries. Plus, he’s not afraid to offer a controversial opinion or two. According to Rottensteiner:

I think that the great difference between the mass of American SF and the (very rare) European masterpieces is their degree of seriousness, moral seriousness. Best exemplified perhaps by Frederik Pohl’s “Gateway” novels and the Strugatskys’ Roadside Picnic.

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I’m As Mad As Hell About Double Standards In Science Fiction Romance, And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!

In response to my post on Taming The Cyborg, author Katherine Allred (CLOSE CONTACT) asked, “Is it okay to have badass/flawed heroes but not badass/flawed heroines, and why?…Why can’t the heroines have the flawed badass roles for a change?”

Ms. Allred’s question arose because I had expressed the suspicion that regardless of genre many romance editors seem to only want stories wherein the hero possesses the flaws/badass nature/paranormal or scientific ability. In other words, the hero gets all the fun, all the good roles, all the cool clothes, and all the good dialogue. To echo Ms. Allred’s question, why is that okay?

Well, it’s not, and that goes double (heh!) for science fiction romance.

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the periodic table of sci-fi

Check out the new Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television and let me know if you can find all of your favorite shows and movies.


I kinda agree with the mad as hell lady Heather. It’s total BS. What do you think?

LOL@the Sci-Fi Periodic table. I can’t find jack shit on it. Can you?