Saved by the Cowboy

Crossroads Ranch, Book #1.5

By A.J. Pine


Author Website: ajpine(.)com


Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


“Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is work, hard work. When you find the man who makes you fall, then makes you want to do everything in your power to keep on falling, that’s how you’ll know.”

Sheriff Cash Hawkins is enjoying an amazing beef brisket sandwich when a canary yellow Volkswagen Bug speeds through his town of Oak Bluff, California. No one from town would dare speed by him like that, so he immediately follows the car signaling it to pull over. What he didn’t expect was for Cinderella to be inside a tiny car. Olivia Belle wasn’t thinking of anything but running away as fast as she could from a marriage proposal, so when she hopped in her yellow car, she forgot to take her wallet, driver’s licence and a change of cloth until she was stopped while speeding. With no license or anything else to prove that the car is hers, Sheriff Hawkins takes Olivia to the police station where she waits until her friend sends all her information in to prove who she is.

“I solemnly swear to stop breaking laws in Oak Bluff, California.”

Olivia didn’t pick Oak Bluff for no reason to run away to. Her grandparents had met there years ago and had left behind evidence of their love in the form of letters they wrote to each other while he was in the service. For Olivia those letters are the answer as to why she can’t learn to love. Olivia believes that if she finds the letters she will find a formula to true love just like her grandparents did. But the letters are no longer where her grandmother had left them and now it is up to Olivia and Sheriff Hawkins to track down the letters’ whereabouts.

Saved By The Cowboy is a short story from the Crossroads Ranch series where a city girl runs away to a small town in order to find true love. On the way she meets Sheriff Hawkins who has his own mysterious love past and although he finds himself having feelings for Olivia, he knows better than to stop her from going back to her life. The Sheriff is really fun and has great moments throughout the book. He takes his job seriously and has an adorable mom and dog. Throughout the story he comes to realize what is best for him and Olivia, but makes it very clear that he’ll keep loving her even if she leaves.

“Ms. Belle?”


“I’m gonna kiss you again.”

“I’m gonna let you.”

Olivia is true to herself and makes it clear to the Sheriff that she is bad with commitments. After all, she did runaway from a proposal. Olivia thinks that finding the letters she is going to learn how to love and that special person. But the real reason for her commitment issues is not her, but people close to her back home. Olivia was a fun character just like the Sheriff, she’s sarcastic, outspoken and not scared to stand for herself. I would back Olivia on her decision for not accepting the marriage proposal, she would have not been happy at the long time.

“Whoa there, Sheriff. Slow your roll. I don’t ride horses. I’m from San Francisco. I ride trolley cars. Sometimes I even ride Ubers.”

Saved by the Cowboy is a great short story. I have to keep reading the series to see what happens with these two love birds. The Sheriff had closed his heart to love and then Olivia appeared speeding through his town waking up something inside him, while Olivia discovered that having it all in the city wasn’t true happiness for her, that sometimes you just need a weekend getaway to find more than what one is looking for. If you like a good cowboy/romance story, Saved by the Cowboy is for you.

“It’s sexy lawmen cowboys like you that make it awfully hard to concentrate on my unparalleled equine fear.”