Save Yourself

True Blood Season 5, Episode 12

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

This episode picks up where last week’s left off.  Russell has just killed the fairy elder and can now see where the other fairies are hiding.  The fairies all work together and zap Russell at the same time, but it doesn’t appear to be doing much.  Then Eric swoops in to the rescue stabbing Russell.  Sookie rushes out to tend to Jason who is still passed out.  Nora smells Sookie and starts to run after her.  Eric makes her swear on Godric that she will not eat Sookie as he explains how Sookie has saved his life countless times.

Eric and Nora go to Fantasia where Tara informs Eric that the authority took Pam.  He starts to prepare for her rescue.  Nora tries to talk him out of it, but he tells her that Pam is family and he also tells her to be nice to Tara as she’s family as well.  They then go to Sookie’s to ask for her help as he feels that Sookie is their best chance of getting through to Bill.  Jason (who is also seeing visions of his mom and dad) tries to keep Sookie from going, but she decides to help Eric so Jason insists on going as well.

Sookie and Jason load up Eric, Nora, and Tara, in their travel coffins and stop off at the weapon store, they break in and steal all the vampire fighting equipment they can.  Sookie tries to talk Jason out of killing all the vamps, but Jason is insistent as are their parents.

Sam is taken to Bill as his breakfast entree.  Sam tries to convince Bill to help them get Emma back, but Bill is angry that Sam knows too much.  Sam shifts into a fly and Bill tries to catch him, but can’t as Sam escapes through the air duct.  Bill then calls on all the security agents to inform them that there has been a breech and puts the place on lockdown.

Sam returns to Luna and hatches a new plan to rescue Emma.

Steve Newlin goes to the cages where they are keeping the ‘livestock’ to retrieve Emma saying that he wants to take her for a walk.  He takes her insisting that she doesn’t shift.  When he gets to the lobby the receptionist starts chatting him up and notices that he isn’t using his accent, he tells her that it’s time for his brand to evolve.  As he’s hesitating at the elevator another council member catches him and takes him directly to a live TV segment for him to fix the mess that was created by him and Russell’s latest mass killing.  He starts throwing up blood on set and then shifts; it was Luna all along and Sam is buzzing around as a fly.  Luna yells about the vampires holding humans hostage.  The council member comes after her, but Sam flies in her mouth and then shifts, killing her.

Alcide and his dad are grilling when Martha pulls up with Rikki in the backseat.  Martha yells for Alcide to help her with Rikki.  J.D. has forced all the wolves to drink blood and she thinks Rikki is overdosing.  They take her inside and give her something that causes the blood to leave her body through her pores.  Alcide then finds out that J.D. also forced some of the younger girls to have sex after forcing the V on them.  Alcide wants to fight J.D, but knows he can’t while J.D.’s on V.  Alcide’s dad tells him that he has some strong vampire blood and that if J.D. is on the same stuff Rikki is, then he could easily take him.

Alcide takes the V and goes to challenge J.D.  Martha and his dad go along to make sure nobody interferes in the fight.  Alcide kills J.D. which makes him the new pack master.  He then tells the pack that it ends now, there will be no more V or forcing weaker members and if they don’t like it they can leave or challenge him now.

Andy takes his very pregnant fairy into Merlotte’s so that he can tell Holly about the pregnancy.  As he is breaking the news to her, the fairy goes into labor and Holly ends up delivering the four babies.  Then the fairy tells Andy to take care of them and to make sure that at least two of them make it to adulthood.  Andy then looks to Holly for help and she tells him that he’s a dick.

Eric and Nora drive back into the authority compound, with Jason, Tara, and Sookie bound and gagged in the back of the truck.  After Bill clears them, Jason, Eric and, Nora take out every vampire in sight.  Then, they go to get Pam and Jessica out of their cells.  Jessica admits that she loves Jason, but he tells her that he could never love a vampire.  Eric sends everyone upstairs and him and Sookie go to try and save Bill.

Salome is having a celebration for becoming the chosen one.  She drinks all of the blood of Lilith in front of Bill and is in instant pain.  He tells her that she was too greedy that she didn’t even smell the silver he put in the blood.  She is upset that he would desecrate the blood of Lilith, but he pulls a bottle out of his pocket telling her that he didn’t.  He then stakes her.

Eric and Sookie come in and try to talk some sense into Bill, but to no avail.  He instead talks to Sookie and about how little she means and how naïve she is, which angers Eric (and I was wishing Eric would kill him, but I knew better).  Bill then drinks the whole bottle of Lilith’s blood and starts bleeding out of his orifices until he is nothing, but a puddle of blood.  Sookie cries on Eric’s shoulder and Eric starts to see the puddle of blood move.  He alerts Sookie.  The blood reforms to look like the vampires visions of Lilith, only it’s Bill.  Eric tells Sookie to run.

I thought this was a decent episode, but definitely not the best I’ve seen.  In fact, episode 1 was my favorite of season 5.  I really enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the Eric I love.  Cunning, manipulative and fiercely protective and as cute as ever!  Alcide also did the show  justice, but couldn’t he have barbequed or fought J.D shirtless??  I have not seen enough of his naked body this season!!  Jason attacking all the vamps just seems so been there done that.  And what happened to the whole Warlow storyline?  I thought for sure we’d at least see him by the end of this epi.  And now I’m sure Andy will have to protect his babies from the vampires as they will have the intoxicating fairy blood.  And what will Holly’s sons think of Andy now? I have a feeling next season will be about defeating Bill, but I can’t help, but think if they kill Bill that will be the end of the show.  Time will tell, I guess.

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