4 star

Santa’s Scrooge

By:  Cassandra Logan


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Synopsis:  Santa's Scrooge

In a world where Santa’s Naughty and Nice list is open to the public, every word and action is carefully calculated. Unwilling to live under such pressure, a group of people dubbed “Scrooges” are the only ones prepared to say and do what they want, regardless of the Christmas day result.

Disenfranchised with the world, Noel lives the life of a Scrooge. Shunned by society and only acknowledged when her services as an Aspersion Specialist are needed, she yearns for a life that no longer exists.

Kris, known to most as Santa Claus, is on a mission. It’s been one hundred years since he last ventured out into normal society, but a startling new trend is beginning to emerge on the Naughty and Nice list and he wants answers.

Kris needs Noel’s help putting the pieces together, but his presence is also showing Noel exactly what she’s been missing. Will they be able to help each other or will their differences be too great?


An enjoyable, fast paced novella with Kris (aka Santa) trying to figure out what happened over the last 100 years.  When last he was around, his Naughty and Nice list was displayed for the public to see on the Internet.  Unfortunately, this public display of the Naughty and Nice list did not go as planned and now Santa needs to fix this.

Noel is a “Scrooge” – a person that does not care about the Naughty and Nice list.  She lives by her rules.  While performing the duties of her job as an Aspersion Specialist, Noel runs in to Kris.  She is quickly compelled to help Kris with his desire to learn what has been happening as a result of his prior actions (of course, at this time Noel does not really know who Kris is)….

Part of the agreement was that if Noel helped Kris, he would clean her bathroom. I loved Noel’s reaction to the clean bedroom and bathroom that Kris cleaned (all in about 10 minutes :).

Walking out of the bedroom and into the living room, Kris smiled at the scowl on her face. He knew it was wrong but pissing her off was fun. Watching how cute she was as she muttered under her breath and the way her cheeks were flushed.  He was attracted to her.”

As I read through this fast paced novella, I was filled with the spirit of Christmas and what I feel it should mean.  An uplifting and funny novella which I highly recommend.