Sanctuary #1 Comic Book/Graphic Novel Review

Brought to you by OBS Staff Member Rose Elle

Sanctuary by Stephen Coughlin is at first a humorous tale of anthropomorphic animals at a game sanctuary on the day a new Panda arrives. Mating conscience gorillas and loved up giraffes, all have something witty to say when it comes to the Panda, who insists on giving the giraffes dating advice.

Meanwhile, as a lion father and his son watch over a hyena surgery, a lesson learned is in the making for the small cub; the real reason they are being captive by the humans. There is something amiss. The dark secret of their whereabouts is revealed as we learn the animals have exploding microchips in their heads and are guarded by an electronic fence.

Not quite for children, as adult themes would fly ride over most youngsters heads, this adult tale is a twisted journey in the making. Animal Farm meets The Island of Doctor Moreau in this cliff hanging first part of Sanctuary #1.

We can’t wait for Sanctuary #2.