Access Hollywood: What’s it been like being the center of attention on your show the last few episodes?

Sam Trammell: It’s pretty fun. I sort of have enjoyed this year even more than last year. Sam’s journey this year has just been so intense because I’ve been under the gun from day one and knowing about Maryann and her power when everybody else [didn’t]. And it’s just really heavy duty everything he goes through. The betrayals that [fellow shape shifter] Daphne did to me and almost getting killed at [Maryann’s] orgy — it’s pretty heavy. But the season finale is going to be awesome and I’m definitely an integral part of all that.

Access: Were you worried at all about job security early in the season when you saw what was coming up for Sam?

Sam: Well, you know, I was. Nobody’s safe, I mean that’s for sure and I was definitely a little worried when [series creator Alan Ball] said I was going to be leaving town, maybe. And I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m not really leaving town?’ And he’s like, ‘No, no, of course not.’ But, you’ll just have to see what happens in the finale because definitely there’s a major character that’s in big trouble.

Access: Other than yours?

Sam: Ummmm…

Access: The whole gang seems to be in trouble.

Sam: There are a lot of people in trouble for sure.

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I am so relieved that Sam wasn’t killed on the finale. When he got stabbed, I held my breath in worry!

What did you think of Sam’s part in the True Blood finale?