2 star rating
Salvation in Death
In Death, Book #27
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780749908904
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

salvation-in-death-j-d-robbA Catholic priest is in the middle of a funeral mass when he is struck down dead by the sacramental wine of communion, or more accurately the poison it was laced with.  But who would want the priest dead?  Eve Dallas is on the case and it’s up to her to find out.  But as she digs deeper she realizes that Father Miguel Flores isn’t who he appears to be.

Then, shortly after, a well-known evangelist is murdered in the same way.  Are the two murders connected?  Is somebody on a religion bent, ridding the world of false ‘prophets’?  Or is somebody looking for a convenient way to get rid of a problem they feel is plaguing their life?

I thought this was an okay book, there are a lot of religious elements in it do to the nature of the crimes.  But overall it was a nice storyline.  But I just never quite fell in love with it.  And, at one point toward the end of the book as Eve was coming up with who the culprit is, I completely got lost.  Thankfully I did find my way back though. But there is really a lot going on in this one, maybe too much to really take in completely.

I think I really missed all the usual characters’ home lives in this one, as there really wasn’t much; everything was really about the case and Eve’s investigating.  I needed an emotional connection that I just didn’t feel this time around.  Although there were a few scenes, between Roarke and Eve that made me smile, the story was still all about the case.

Next up in the series for me is the novella, Ritual in Death, which I’m hoping to enjoy a bit more…