Hi everyone! I am still working on the next Clash of the Legends – apologies if anyone’s waiting for it – but in the meantime, have some other BBC Merlin news.

First off, before I start:


Is that enough warning?

Just in case it isn’t; The San Diego Comic Con was graced with a Merlin panel this year which featured Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Arthur), Katie McGrath (Morgana) and Anthony Head (Uther) (with a guest appearance from Santiago Cabrera, who plays Lancelot).The fans were also treated to a viewing of the season 4 trailer, and the s4 official poster, which I will post below. So, here it is, your final warning : POTENTIALLY SPOILERY PIC AHOY.

Are you ready?



Picture from Merlin’s Keep


Before anyone tells me that you can see the picture in the side view of the blog – I know – but now you can see a bigger picture here, and it’s called building MYSTERY AND INTRIGUE. Something I … fail at, obviously.

Anyway – the poster! I must admit – I was quite surprised by it at first. The creators and actors have all been talking about a darker, more mature Merlin – but seeing that in graphic form is a bit different. However, overnight – the picture grew on me; and I have to say I have a fascinated love for it.

Yes, it’s dark. Yes, it’s kind of unexpected. However, it’s also fitting in the terms of where we left season 3. Uther is a wreck from the betrayal of his daughter; and Arthur is at the cusp of some life changing decisions. Morgana has made her final choice on what side of the fence she stands, and Merlin has stood firm by his prince’s side. It’s now time for the SMACK DOWN. It’s just not clear on which side is going to come out more battered and bruised than the other. I love how they are standing. Our protagonist and accidental hero, Merlin, in the middle – the valiant Prince and his love to his right, and the antagonist to his left (with the ailing king in the background).

And yes, be still my geeky, Arthurian Legend fannish heart – I completely fell arse over teakettle for Excalibur, and the mysterious , translucent vision of Old!Merlin at the top of the poster. I think the shine of Excalibur (IT’S SHINING. If you wonder why that excites me so much, please check out my Excalibur Clash) and old Merlin is what got me hook, line and sinker in the end. These two elements speak strongly to the original legend – as well as to the spoilers of what will happen in season 4 that have been released. (For those who want to know which particular spoilers I’m referring to – ask me in the comments – I don’t want to spoil people inadvertently!).

The battlefield at the bottom of the poster is probably the most shocking element, but also speaks to the legends – and the battles King Arthur had to go through – especially during the earlier versions of the legend. And, of course, the placement of Excalibur amongst the wreck and rubble is pure genius.

One thing that does bother me a little bit is the tagline for this season ” The Darkest Hour is just before the Dawn” . I mean , I get it. This season is the big, dramatic battle for Camelot that NEEDS to happen before Arthur can take his rightful place as Once and Future King. But we’ve gone from “Keep the Magic Secret” in Season 1, to something so dramatic? I’m not sure it works for me. But, there are so many elements of this poster that DO, that I’m willing to wait and see how this season plays out, and whether it is as big as the tagline suggests.


What do you think of the poster? Love it/ Hate it? (I’ve already had some friends comment on Arthur’s hair and Arthur and Morgana’s cheekbones …) Any speculations, from the poster, you’d like to make about season 4? What would you like to see happen in season 4? Were you at the comic con? Have you seen the trailer for season 4?


Come squee (or not) with me below!


EDIT: And, of course, s4 of Merlin has now begun – come join OBS staff discuss Merlin S4 Episode 1 : the darkest hour here , and Episode 2: the darkest hour part 2 here

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