Run Away

By Harlan Coben

ISBN#  9781538748466

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Simon Greene appears to be living a perfect life.  He and his wife, Ingrid, are both at the peak of their careers, bringing in a good income.  They have a nice home in Manhattan.  Their son is off at college and they have a daughter at home that is doing good in school.  They seem like the perfect All-American family.  That is until you consider their oldest daughter, Paige.  She was a promising young student that loved to write and wanted to be a doctor, like her mom.  Instead, she is a junkie who ran away from home, who’s living on the streets with her drug peddling boyfriend, Aaron.  She’s even singing at Central Park for tips!  What happened to change Simon’s little girl from the bright promising young lady she was into the thing she’s become?  And, more importantly is there any way to get her back?

When Simon is at a loss of what to do to help Paige, her boyfriend is violently murdered.  However, nobody knows what happened to Paige.  Simon and Ingrid go into the bowels of the city to try to find their daughter.  And, they’ve barely gotten started when Ingrid is shot.  Now, Simon must do all he can to get to the bottom of what has happened and find his little girl.  But how do you get answers when it’s safer for those that have them to keep their mouths shut?  Simon also has to duck a cop that’s investigating Aaron’s murder who thinks that Simon and Ingrid have more motive to kill than anybody.

This is a thought-provoking book that asks what would you do so save your child? This is a story about a parent’s love at its most desperate point.  I found that this book didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat, but it was interesting nonetheless and I was never bored.  There were several things going on at once and it was a nice mystery to try to solve.  I did, however, figure out Ingrid’s big secret almost as soon as it was discovered that she had one!

I really liked Simon and I could empathize with all that he was going through.  I mean, how *do* you help a child that is struggling, but doesn’t seem to want help?  And, now is missing …

“Terrific,” Simon said. “The psychos are on my side.”

I actually really enjoyed bad boy Ash as well as he gave us glimpses of what was going on with the murders and Truth Haven.

This is the first story by this author that I’ve read, and I thought it was a good book with a decent plot and well-developed characters.  I would definitely give him another go in the future!

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