Rule Breaker

Breeds, Book #20

Feline Breeds, Book #16

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425265451

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None of the Breeds that were there the night Mark McQuade was killed will ever forget it.  He was an exceptional hacker that gave them countless information on the council’s attempts to hurt the Breeds.  They rushed to save him that night, but they were too late.  But even worse than seeing the death of an ally, was seeing the broken sister that witnessed his death.  Gypsy was only 15 years old at the time and was nearly raped by a pack of council coyotes. Luckily the Breeds arrived in time to save her from that horror by mere seconds.  However, her pain, grief, and guilt of her brother’s death was overwhelming.  A brother that was really a father to her since their parents couldn’t be bothered to take care of her.  Gypsy had snuck out to go to a party that night and has carried the guilt of Mark’s death with her ever since.  If he hadn’t gone out looking for her, he’d still be alive. 

It’s been nine years since his death and Gypsy has vowed vengeance for the one responsible.  She has worked with the covert group, the Unknown, that Mark had worked with ever since.  To everyone she appears to be nothing but a party girl hanging out at clubs and dancing.  Nobody realizes that she’s actually gaining information that she feeds to the Unknown as she tries to discover the person who betrayed Mark.

Jonas is running out of time to save his beloved daughter, Amber.  He knows that Gypsy can get him the information he needs, even if she isn’t aware of it.  Jonas also knows who her mate is, but knows that Rule will run if he suspects a mating.  Rule is unaware that his inner animal has been protecting Gypsy ever since the night of Mark’s death. Jonas saw what nobody else did that night, and he must push the mates together now to save the baby he loves.

This was another enjoyable read in the Breeds series. The storyline with the Navajo Nation and the Martinez family is all coming together and starting to make sense. FINALLY!

My heart hurt for Gypsy seeing how little her parents, especially her mother, cared about her.  It’s pretty sad when your parents are so horrible that a ten-year old decides to take on the father role of an infant.  The bond between Mark and Gypsy couldn’t have been stronger and it’s no wonder how his death destroyed her.  At least it seems her father has remorse for his past actions and he may be salvageable.  Her mother is pretty much a lost cause though.  I’m sure we’ll see this play out more when Gypsy’s sister, Kandy, gets her book.  No doubt there is something there between her and Loki.  I absolutely love Loki so I can’t wait!

And, of course Rule had to add to Gypsy’s pain as well, with how he acted when he discovered she was his mate. She had given up all she worked for during the last nine years to avenge Mark when she gave in to her lust for Rule. Then he tossed her aside in horror.  At least his twin was able to keep things real and point out how stupid he was being!

I am surprised that Lawe was so shocked they could be mates without smelling the bond considering how long it took his mating to “take”.  They are twins after all.  I was also surprised that there was no mention of the fear of Rule conceiving twins.  It was a primary concern for Lawe in his book as they are the only two that *can* conceive twins.  And, I also can’t wait for one or both of them to do so.  I have a feeling they will both manage it simultaneously. However, only time will tell.

I, of course, enjoyed getting a larger glimpse of Gideon and seeing how much he cares.  His love for Amber is obvious now and I like how she interacts with him and calls him bad kitty!  His is another book I look forward to and I can’t wait to see him brought fully into the Breed fold.

We got to see Dane again as well and his is another story that should be pretty good considering what we learn in this one.  I like how he aggravates Rule and several of the others as well.  He is just as serious as Jonas and the Leo, but manages to convey that’s he’s carefree and even lazy, at times.

This book is a must read to understand the story arch that is unfolding at this point in the series. It nearly concludes what’s going on with baby Amber, it advances the Gideon and Judd storylines marginally, and gives more understanding to everything that has occurred with the Navajo Nation and Window Rock.  There are so many stories that I’m looking forward to reading.  And, the great thing with starting the series so late is so many of the books have already been released.  So far, I’ve been able to keep jumping right into them, but sadly I’m catching up quick!