Rock Redemption

Rock Kiss, Book #3

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9781942356356

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rock-redemption-rock-kiss-nalini-singhKit has always loved Schoolboy Choir’s guitarist, Noah St. John, and they were having a secret relationship of sorts until she walked in on him having sex with another woman.  By the look in his eyes she knew he’d set it up on purpose to hurt her.  Months later he calls her drunk and from a seedy hotel room with some unknown (even to him) drugs ready to be shot up.  She goes to find him at his absolute lowest.  She dumps the drugs and alcohol and takes him home with her.

Noah has hurt her too much for her to ever try a relationship again.  Even being his friend is painful, but she can’t imagine a life without him. However, all that changes when an innocent night out together at a charity event gets plastered all over the media as an amazing start to a new romance complete with the cheesy couple nickname, NoKat.

Kit has been building a  name for herself for years, and she’s finally starting to make headway as an actress, but Noah could ruin it all if he ends up being caught in bed with one of his many hordes of women or if they end the supposed relationship too suddenly.  But if he could keep it in his pants for the next three weeks, it could land her the biggest role of her career.  But Kit refuses to use Noah that way.  However, when her publicist goes over Kat’s head and tells him about it, Noah is more than willing to pretend to be her boyfriend.  He knows he doesn’t deserve her and he can’t have her, but he is more than willing to help her and her career in any way possible.  But what happens when the fake relationship is just a little too nice to ever want to let it go?  And can Noah keep his demons at bay or will they wreck everything he’s worked to build with his one true love?

Oh My Gosh!  I absolutely loved this book!!!  I think it’s safe to say it’s my favorite so far in this series.

I absolutely adored Noah!  He is so tender and sweet toward Kit.  And his inner demons from his past were enough to break my heart.  How his own parents could turn on him for something so far out of his control was despicable.  The duo definitely still have some work to do, but ah *swoon* I’m sure they will be just fine.  And I adore the fun banter between this duo and hope that we’ll see more glimpses of them as the series progresses.  And, Noah’s protective side is cute too!

“He was scowling. “What the hell? If I had a daughter and she was dating a guy like me, I’d take him out back and threaten him with a shotgun to make sure he treated her right.”

Kit’s mouth fell open. “You?”

“Yeah.” He folded his arms, his scowl growing heavier. “Jeez, Kit, he didn’t even tell me to be good to you. That’s bullshit.”

Realizing he was dead serious, she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling. “Where did you pick up this chivalrous instinct?”

“My father,” he said, the sneer that usually accompanied any mention of Robert St. John missing from his voice. “He’s a son of a bitch, but he brought me up to look after any women under my care.”

“Under your care?” Kit raised an eyebrow. “Chauvinistic much?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, well, maybe it is, but I’m not changing. My imaginary daughters are never dating musicians. Ever.”

Stomach somersaulting at the idea of little girls with Noah’s features and talent, she shook her head. “Noah St. John, bad boy of rock and concerned father of imaginary daughters. Hell hath frozen over and become an ice rink.”

Kit was a strong character in her own right.  She’s been dealing with a stalker while trying to make a name for herself in Tinseltown.  The guys from Schoolboy Choir have been close with her for some time and close rank around her to protect her from the disturbed individual that has their sights set on her.  Especially now that seeing her in the tabloids with Noah has got her stalker’s crazy switch flipped on high.

This book did have a bit of a lull in the middle, but once I got past that, I didn’t want to put it down.  And honestly I didn’t want it to end, I just wanted more of that ‘romantic bullshit’ as Noah so eloquently states it.  I was kind of expecting him to write a song with that title to go with ‘Sparrow’.  And, for a Singh book there is a surprisingly little amount of sex.  Once you get reading the book, you will understand why.  But the swoon worthy moments more than make up for it and I just loved the emotion between Noah and Kit.

And as a side note I think this below song is perfect for this book, and I can imagine Noah up on stage, stealing the mike from Fox and belting it out to ‘his girl’.