Rock Hard

Rock Kiss, Book #2

By Nalini Singh

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rock-hard-rock-kiss-nalini-singhCharlotte Baird’s life gets turned upside down when a new CEO comes in to save the floundering company she works for.

Former rugby star, Gabriel Bishop (The Bishop), wastes no time getting rid of ineffective people at the latest business he’s been contracted to save.  Earning him the nickname T-Rex as he chomps people up and spits them out on their asses!  And when he discovers that Charlotte has been doing her boss’s job, he fires her boss and forces the skittish Charlotte to be his new personal assistant.  It doesn’t take long before Gabriel starts getting the hots for her, and he never stops until he has what he wants!

“A kiss today, nakedness tomorrow⎯Gabriel liked to think positive and plan ahead.”

However, he never expected her to have had such a traumatic experience with her former boyfriend.  He has to take things slow with his little mouse, or he will lose any chance he’s ever had of being with her.

“No one will ever hurt you again,” he whispered against her hair, the promise one he’d kill to keep. “You’re safe.”

This book started out really good.  The story was engaging and I loved the characters!  You can’t help, but love Gabriel.  He’s sexy and cocky, but sweet and loyal to.  He knows what he wants and he goes after it!  Charlotte was okay, but was too much of a pushover to really be Gabriel’s equal.  We also got to see glimpses of Molly from the first book, as this book takes place at the same time as Rock Addiction.

I was really enjoying watching the relationship build between Gabriel and Charlotte and seeing it morph from a working relationship into something more.  However, that’s when it all changed for me.  As their romantic relationship starts to develop her fear ratchets up and after a while the book just becomes tedious.  It starts to seem like every little thing Gabriel says and does sends her into a panic attack and just seemed over-the-top to me.  Gabriel was a good man through it all doing the right things, but it gets old him always having to step back and get her to calm down.  And I also thought he was pretty crude and forward with what he wants sexually for someone who he knew had been hurt and was so scared, especially since their relationship hadn’t gotten intimate yet by the time he started being so forward.

“As long as I can throw you on the bed like a caveman and pummel you to orgasm with my love-club, I’m good.”

And what happens with Richard is all too predictable and I could see it coming ten miles away.

This book had a good start, but halfway through the wheels just completely fell off for me.  But from the other reviews I’ve read online, I think I may be in the minority on this one.