Riding in Cars with Girls

By Evangeline Jennings


Author Website: http://ejsite.com/


RIDING IN CARS WITH GIRLSBrought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


A transgressive and cauterizing crime fiction collection with more twists and turns than a high mountain road, Riding in Cars with Girls is a hard, fast, and beautifully dangerous read. Consider the evidence:

FIREBIRD — A small town cocktail waitress. A glamorous stranger behind the wheel of a stolen muscle car. A raging forest fire. What could possibly go wrong?
ESCORT — A high-class hooker fucks a Mafia Don to death and the fallout forces an undercover Fed to make the toughest call of her career. Should she do her job or the right thing?
911 — Alex is doomed. Nikki’s along for the ride. Something about fjords.
AUDI — South London’s finest teenage car thieves stake their lives on an illegal road race.
TRANS AM — A widow hunts her husband’s killer across America. Route 666.
CROWN VICTORIA — Two young runaway lovers with a steep price on their heads take a savage road trip through every kind of crazy.

Riding In Cars With Girls — Dangerous curves ahead.



This is a book I have to start off by recommending immediately. Its stories did not disappoint and got better with every tuning page.

The first story and every other that follows has surprise after surprise, and their story plots are amazing. Perfect for short stories about girls and cars. I’m still debating, but my favorite would be between Escort and 911. Escort, just like the book’s description states it, is filled “with more twists and turns than a high mountain road,” to which I did not see coming. This is when you know a story is good from start to end. While 911 is a beautiful story of helping and finding one’s true self.

An aspect of this book that I liked was that the roles of the characters of each story not necessarily had to be the good girl type. They were bad a** girls with a motive that drove them. They didn’t care what the consequences of their acts were, they knew what they had to do to survive in their own way with an outcome that left one surprised.

Riding in Cars with Girls is a book filled with crime, cars, girls on the edge, living the moment, trying to survive the best they knew how, and nothing is going to stop them. I will say that Firebird has a special place in my reader’s heart, author Evangeline Jennings chose a good story to start the book.