The smartest thing I ever saw a television channel do was last year when TNT starting airing old episodes of “Angel,” that “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” spinoff.

This was last fall, I believe, when “Twilight” mania was in full swing, with the impending release of the movie and the end-of-summer publication of the last novel in the series.

The stupidest thing I ever saw a television channel do was about four months before that, when CBS announced that it would be canceling “Moonlight,” its vampire / romance / drama that had tepid ratings but a cult-like following.

Something happened in that window. Actually, something’s been happening all over this country in the last year or so. We’ve become all-out obsessed with vampires.

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I have to agree with this article, at least for myself. I am obsessed with vampires, shapeshifters, the supernatural. I cannot get enough!

Do you feel the world is now obsessed with vampires? Do you think it started with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight? Or do you think it started earlier than that?