Above is the color ad, the graphic novel cover of Dark Swan and The Dark Swan Storm Born book 1 poster courtesy of Sea Lion Books.

I am really excited to read the series in a graphic novel. Eugenia looks as I pictured her. Does she look like you imagined?

The Dark Swan series is a great read, it should be on your MUST READ list. Eugenie is one of my favorite female characters because of her strengths and weaknesses. She has a myriad of character traits that allow her to take charge and do what is necessary but also be a woman who is flawed. King Dorian and Kiyo are the men who want to be with Eugenie. The characters are interesting, Richelle has a gift for creating depth in her characters. The places are vividly described.

I love Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. It’s a fun YA series, but The Dark Swan series is definitely adult and I very much enjoyed both books. Be aware of the adult content which includes Eugenie’s relationship with Kiyo (who doesn’t accept Eugenie for who she is) and some interesting sex scenes to say the least.

Sea Lion Books has some great line-ups for the fans. Make sure to check back on OBS to see what’s coming up.