Revenge of the Chili Queens

A Chili Cook-off Mystery, Book #3

By Kylie Logan

ISBN13: 9780425262443

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The author of Death by Devil’s Breath takes the chili cook-off circuit to southern Texas to prove that revenge is a dish best served hot . . .

Everyone in San Antonio remembers the Alamo, but how many remember the Chili Queens? Back in the early twentieth century, these spicy señoras sold their lip-smacking chili in plazas all around the city. Now, as part of the Chili Showdown, Maxie and her half-sister, Sylvia, are dressing up as the Chili Queens to raise money for charity.

But someone wasn’t feeling too charitable toward a local troubadour, who is murdered at the fundraiser. When their friend Nick Falcone, head of security for the Showdown, actually becomes the prime suspect, it’s up to Maxie and Sylvia to turn the heat up on a killer, who’s planning a chili reception for them . . .



Revenge of the Chili Queens is the third in author Kylie Logan’s Chili Cook-Off Mystery series. I have seen other reviewers that did not read the first two say that this one can stand alone. I have to say for me, there were times I was lost in the woods. That did not diminish the overall effect of this fast paced mystery, but did make the reading a bit slower for me to start off. That really is my only complaint and I think I am in the minority in even that. So in other words, this is a wonderful, fast paced, intriguing cozy that packs a punch.

Maxi Pierce and her half-sister Sylvia are in San Antonio,Texas to celebrate the city’s famous Chili Queens. Their legends are long and well known. The pair are busy not only selling their wares but also helping out with several fundraisers going on. This pair could not be more opposite and that brings a wonderful sense of push and shove, give and take among them. A well written and enjoyable quirky pair for sure. They are also still looking for their missing father and that is a wonderful side mystery and conclusion as well. There is a murder in the first part of this read that leads to intrigue, mystery and fast paced action. Lots of surprises and twists and turns kept me wanting to get to the bottom of things myself.

This series has wonderful characters that are well developed (even when I was lost in the woods), great back stories (that took me a while to figure out because of my own stupidity), great local color and characters added in the mix and you have one heck of a cozy. Such an interesting premise that the main characters actually travel around. Makes dead bodies popping up all the time a bit more normal if there is such a thing. And honestly is there anyone that doesn’t love chili and all those yummy spices. With some characters that also travel with the sisters, it seems to keep continuity. The little world surrounding them is enjoyable and entertaining.

Revenge of the Chili Queens is a spicy and tasty cozy that heats up more than the chilies Maxie uses to spice up her chili. I am definitely going to read the first 2 in this series to get a better understanding of these characters. Although I had a stuttered start, I think most people can enjoy this read as a stand-alone. Kylie Logan’s writing style is thoroughly enjoyable and I cannot wait to read the first 2 and any that follow in this series. I also cannot wait to try the chili recipe included although I may have my sister-in-law make it for me. Great writing, colorful flair, wonderful characters all make for a great cozy read.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*