Rescue Me

Second Chance Ranch, Book #2

bY Catherine Mann

ISBN# 9780425269893

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rescue-meRescue Me by Catherine Mann is the second book in the Second Chance Ranch series and it is a very good read.  This book, as well as the first book in the series, is about animals and humans, both looking for love, redemption and happily ever after.  Mary Hannah Gallo works at the Second Chance Ranch as a trainer for therapy dogs.  She is called to a house to confiscate dogs from a backyard breeder that are living in terrible conditions.  Detective AJ Parker is also present to help with the operation.  When they get to the house, they find a meth house as well as unscrupulous breeding practices.  They remove all the dogs and eventually place them at the Second Chance Ranch to begin the dogs rehabilitation and to look for forever homes for the dogs.  AJ and the police force must also find out who has been running the meth lab.

One of the dogs removed from the home is Holly, who has been abused and used for multiple breeding purposes.  She is scared and very undersocialized and she pulls at the heartstrings of both Mary Hannah and AJ.  They both begin working with Holly to socialize her and get her ready to be adopted.

Holly is not the only one who needs healing and a chance at a new life.  Mary Hannah is divorced and has lost a baby during her pregnancy.  She is also a recovering addict who blames herself for losing her baby.  AJ worked undercover in Atlanta before joining the Tennessee police force.

He became involved with another drug addict while undercover and because he trusted that addict, a little child almost died.  He is suffering from big time burnout and he does not trust his own instincts anymore.  To make matters even more complicated, he and Mary Hannah had a one night stand a few months back and neither can forget the encounter.  They are both damaged from their past, just like Holly is, and they do not know how to heal.  They do not know how to trust themselves or others to obtain the life they all want.

Holly is quite a character.  She has spent most of her past life watching television and trying to avoid further abuse.  During the course of the book, there are sections that are written from Holly’s perspective.  I really love those parts of the book.  She often quotes television shows and things that she has learned from the television.  I thought this was so cute and it pulled at my heartstrings.  She also knows that it is her job to get Mary Hannah and AJ together and she does everything within her power to do just that.  Will she be able to succeed?

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author writes with such tenderness when describing the abused animals that it is devastatingly heartbreaking and also triumphantly happy.  I do not think this is an easy thing to do.  My emotions were all over the place while reading.  I laughed out loud and wanted to cry and everything in between.  In my opinion this made the book extra special.

Another area that I really enjoyed is the tight knit family that runs Second Chance Ranch.  Although some were not blood related you could tell that they were as close as any family could be.  I loved reading about all their relationships and it made the book seem very real to me.    I would like to be friends with them and be included in the family closeness.  Many of the characters from book one are back in book two and it was nice to find out a little more about them and to catch up on their lives.

There is also an element of mystery and suspense contained within the book  when the police try to find the people behind the meth house and the drug problem.  Holly recognizes some of the people from the meth house at Second Chance Ranch and she tries to let Mary Hannah and AJ know, in her own way.  When this mystery is solved I was surprised by the outcome.  I enjoy when that happens.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a romance book that offers so much more.  If you enjoy reading about second chances and forgiveness and fighting for what you want, then this book is for you.  And if you are an animal lover, this is a must read book.  I cannot wait to read the next book in the series, whenever it is released.  I would recommend reading book one also.

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