A new poster for Repo Men is out, and seeing it made me realize just how close Repo Men could be to Repo! The Genetic Opera. Both movies focus on a future when replacement organs are available…for a price. If you don’t pay, your organs are repo-ed when and where the repo men find you.


There are plot differences beyond that (although it looks like “surgery” in alleyways is not one of them), but it makes you wonder if the cult status/success of Repo! cleared the way for the big movie. Repo! actually seems like the darker of the two, as Repo Men looks like a straight sci fi/action movie. Check out the previews for both:

Repo! The Genetic Opera:

Repo Men:

Repo Men was based on a book (called Repossession Mambo), and the screenplay was developed at the same time the book was written. Repo! was adapted from a  play called “Necromancer’s Debt”. When it did well, the writer’s began expanding it to what became the movie.  Repo! The Genetic Opera was released on dvd last year, and Repo Men will be in theaters April 2nd.

Have you seen Repo! The Genetic Opera? Are you planning on seeing Repo Men?