5 star rating
Rekindled Moments
Moments in Time, Book #2
By Dori Lavelle
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Spoilers Abound!!!!

rekindled-moments-moments-in-time-dori-lavelleI obtained a copy of Rekindled Moments from the author, Dori Lavelle, a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you VERY much.  After reading the first…I had to read the second!

Rekindled Moments from the author, Dori Lavelle is the second book in the Moments in Time series.

Synopsis from the book:

The truth will always find a way out.

Carlene Adams’ new life has been an illusion, her newfound joy just for rent. The life she craves can’t really belong to a girl who is responsible for someone’s death.

Her greatest fear has been realized. Nick Johnson, her second chance at love, has discovered her true identity and disappeared from her life.

She will need to find a way to move on without Nick. But the memories of their time together haunt her relentlessly. As Serendipity’s Businessman of the Year, his face is everywhere—in magazines, on the television screen, and behind her eyelids. Soon, rumors about her past cause her life to spin out of control, and she finds herself even further from her dreams.

But Carlene is good at hiding from the past. She’s done it once before. She can do it again. She can leave her hometown and begin again somewhere new. But she can’t move on without telling Nick the truth about the life he thinks she took, and everything that came before.


Wow…..LOVED the continuation of Carlene’s life in this second novella…a much needed continuation I might add since I was not finished with Carlene after the first novella in the series!  And I am happy to say….I will also be waiting with baited breath for the third novella.   This was a quick, easy read which totally enveloped me in the world of Carlene…so much so that I read the book straight through on one snowy Sunday afternoon.

The book begins with the introduction of Chris and the blossoming relationship with Carlene.  As we are taken through this journey, one can see how Carlene loved this man and how his eventual death played a big part in how she views herself as the person responsible for his death.  If only she could see that she wasn’t….but this self-deprecating view of herself and Chris’ death is what is the underlying current in the story and  makes the story powerful.  It made this reader want to shake and hug Carlene at the same time.

As the story continues, Carlene and Nick are apart as he discovered that Carlene was “responsible” for his long lost brother’s death.  You feel the anguish washing over Carlene as a result of Nick shunning her and not giving her a chance to explain.  At this point in time….I wanted to shout at Nick….give Carlene a chance to explain.  After all, she had more history with Chris than Nick did.  When you think the scenario cannot get any worse….the press intrudes in their lives (since Nick is a wealthy, powerful man) by doing what the paparazzi does best…spreading untruths and splashing damaging photo’s out of context.

As life spirals downwards, Carlene finally takes a stand with the press. As she is talking with the press, a white night appears (Nick) and saves her from the vultures we like to call the press.  A true romantic gesture.  I won’t carry on as I want to leave you with some surprises.

If you like romance, hunky guys, and complex back histories you would not guess all in a short novella, this book is for you.