Red and the Wolf: Embracing Ever After
By Laura Lee Nutt
ISBN# 9781616504519
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Six years after the attack at her grandmother’s cottage, Blanchette still wilts at the sound of a wolf’s howl. The scent of pine rising from the Black Forest surrounding her home is a constant reminder of the beast’s assault and the injury it left on her finger. After years spent hiding away, Blanchette’s world tilts when she wakes–naked and without memory of the previous night–in the forest, instead of behind the safety of her closed shutters.

Since rescuing Blanchette and her grandmother, huntsman Heinrich has befriended her family by day, and keeps watch as a powerful wolf over his territory by night. Sinister otherworldly creatures constantly threaten his domain and the human village he protects.

When the emperor sends a hunter to investigate the attack and slay any inhuman beings, Heinrich must tread carefully and protect not only himself, but his newly-discovered mate, who prowls the moonlit nights alongside him. He must also determine who is responsible for a string of murdered villagers, proving he can control his lupine nature and offer protection to the village, rather than danger. (Goodreads)


This is one of the better childhood fairy tales turned into a more adult story that I have read.

I’m never quite sure how to rate these stories, because let’s face it we all know how it will eventually end and we also, know most of the characters. Red and the Wolf is a well written short story.

My favorite character was Lothar, he was interesting, different and added much to this story. His total evilness was fabulous! How the author describes him had me actually making a yuck face. Well done! I hope in future books the author adds more of these types of characters into her books.

This genre is exploding in popularity so for anyone who enjoys this type of story, this is a fast, well written read, with a Lothar twist that mixes up the story nicely. I recommend this book for mature young adults and up, the sex scenes are steamy and done in either human or wolf form.