Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

This episode starts with Anna presents Chad Decker with her vision of the future, via a hologram presentation, where V’s and humans unite as one…it’s called Concordia. That evening Anna plans to unveil her plan to the world, which has already been accepted by world leaders.

Meanwhile Erica watches her son’s church raid video from his cell phone and proceeds to call Tyler’s father urgently needing to speak with him. Tyler comes downstairs and Erica wishes him a happy birthday and tells him she will always be there for him.

On board the mother ship Anna meets with Marcus and Thomas, her chief engineer, to make sure Concordia stays on schedule.

Ryan meets with Eli Cohn on the sly and tells him of his dilemma with Anna and how she is holding his daughter hostage. He wants Eli’s help in destroying Anna. Ryan’s plan is to get Erica to see Eli’s big picture plan, as she trusts Ryan’s word. Eli tells Ryan he and his cell plans to bring down Anna that evening.

Erica and Chris are at FBI headquarters and are put on security detail for Anna’s event that evening. Meanwhile Erica’s ex husband Joe is waiting in her office. She tells Joe everything about the V’s and urges the need for the family to get back together in order to save Tyler.

At the news station Chad’s boss springs the idea of bringing in other newscasters as counter point to Chad’s positivity about the V’s. When his boss is surprised he’ll share the spotlight he plays it off well. When his boss walks away, Chad smirks.

Tyler is handing out flyers at the Peace Ambassador Center when Lisa walks up and gives him his birthday present, as do his parents at the exact same moment. Tyler is shocked of course. His dad tells him he is giving him his motorcycle so he can take a cross-country trip to find himself. Of course Anna is watching this whole thing transpire by the handy dandy video camera embedded secretly on Tyler’s jacket. Anna is not deterred. She tells Marcus “Wait till he sees my gift.”

Back at the Fifth Column group’s compound, Ryan presses his idea to Erica, Father Jack and Kyle. Erica is against the idea of collateral damage and refuses the idea of Eli placing a bomb at the presentation for Concordia. Father Jack feels the same. Kyle takes sides with Ryan, now the crew is divided. After Erica and Jack leave the compound Father Jack becomes torn on what to do.

On the mother ship Erica and Joe came on board to witness the ‘gift’ Anna gives to Tyler. The chief engineer Thomas hands Tyler a pilot’s jacket and tells him he will train him to pilot his own shuttle for Concordia. Tyler is beyond ecstatic. Erica and Joe throw out the fact that Tyler has school. Anna mentions they can work around that. It seems they have lost their son to Anna once again.

Chad Decker is going head to head with one of the newscasters in a test to see if she’s good enough and she is. Karen gets offered the job on the spot.

Erica and the FBI task force are setting up their security detail with Marcus in attendance. Later on, Erica is back at the compound. Since Anna has dug her claws deeper into taking Tyler away from her, Erica has now changed her mind about destroying Anna that evening. The entire crew meets with Eli to discuss their plans. Instead of placing a bomb at the event, Kyle will take Anna out with a sniper rifle, while Father Jack will cause a commotion outside the building.

Anna discussed her devious plans with Marcus. The building shown in the hologram is actually a landing pad for cloak ships that are part of ‘phase two’ of their invasion, by which the V’s will then collect human women for breeding.

At the gala, Chad Decker’s new sparring partner Karen asks a question of Anna that is quite blunt. “Why is she giving all these gifts to earth, what is the ulterior motive?” Anna feigns non-understanding and says that is just how her people are.  Marcus throws a sideways glance at Chad and they walk away.

So far everything is running smoothly. Father Jack causes the commotion outside, security detail leaves their posts to shut down the protest, and Erica let’s Eli and Kyle into the building. Ryan is watching the affair on TV. He hears Anna’s voice in his head “Only my bliss can sooth your daughter’s pain”. He suddenly has a change of heart. He calls Marcus.

Anna gets tipped off and now knows her life is threatened. Anna does not take the podium, Marcus takes her place instead and calls Tyler up to the podium, introducing him as the fist human pilot for Concordia. Erica goes up onstage (knowing the jig is up and Anna will not take the podium, Kyle will in turn shoot Marcus). Onstage acting like a proud mother, Erica goes to hug son, leaving Marcus open for a shot. The shot is taken and Marcus goes down.

Thomas informs Anna that Marcus is in critical condition and might not make it. He informs her that Tyler has decided not to live onboard for flight training. Anna tells Thomas, Tyler was important but they have others.

At FBI headquarters Erica’s partner Chris tells his boss Paul he has a theory about what transpired that night. Chris pulls out a photo of Erica and Jack earlier that day. He proceeds to tell Paul this was a highly coordinated effort. He now wants to make a formal inquiry into Erica Evans.

The episode closes out with Father Jack in jeopardy of being condemned by the church and losing his collar for speaking out against the V’s, Ryan is so distraught over his daughter constant crying he tells Anna he will do whatever she wants and Kyle realizes it was Ryan who tipped off Anna about the assassination attempt.


Well tonight’s episode certainly was exciting. A little easy to figure out mind you but that’s okay. It made for good TV. I actually thought that new newscaster Karen was part of the Fifth Column, especially when she wanted to meet Anna at the gala. Do you think Chad will end up telling the truth to Karen about the V’s?

Ryan finally betrayed his friends for the sake of his daughter. After holding out for so long, I gather it was needed to throw a new curve ball for a much needed directional change.

Thankfully Tyler has decided there no place like home. He was quite insensitive to his parents at first, but finally came around. Now all he needs is to see Lisa in her true form. Will Tyler care what Lisa really looks like? Only time will tell.

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